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retrohipmama style: beatle mania

i have been waiting all week to wear my new beatles shirt. found it at target among RUN DMC which both matt and gibson got for 10 bucks. i could wear it with these jeans and my chucks ever day. i feel like myself in clothes like this. like i’m never pretending. just being totally honest with myself.

my favorite star bracelet that i found in the JoAnn’s dollar bins. and the houndstooth nail decals i’m sportin’…in love!

and since i’m showin’ so much love for my four fave guys…i MUST show equal love for my first love. mr. presley graces me each and every day. i’ve had an elvis calendar for 4 consecutive years and i plan to make that 4ever.

see ya over at Real Momma, Real StyleNo Model Lady and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.



1 thought on “retrohipmama style: beatle mania”

  1. You know what, that is AWESOME! That’s what I believe that personal style is all about: wearing what feels most like you and expresses who you really are. And you know you’ve found something important when you love it enough to want to wear it every day. Great outfit, and good for you!

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