our little rodent

bloggy friends, meet albert. albert, meet my bloggy friends.

albert is our new buddy. gibson’s first pet. some real responsibility. he’s ready for it though. i hope.

he’s super cute huh?

he’s getting a really cool new home this week so hopefully he can roam around more and really get cozy.

hoping the fascination doesn’t wear off and gibson can keep him happy and healthy.

so do your kids have pets? tell me about it!


3 thoughts on “our little rodent”

  1. Aaaawwwww… He’s so cute! We have a few family pets. First is Hannah, a 35 pound turtle. Then our cat Micheale Jackson (2yrs old) an Frank the fish. She loves to eat fish sticks & cookies! Lol she is gettin old for a fish.

  2. hello Albert, you sure are a cutie!! Please be a good pet for Gibson and family, they love you so love them back. Please don’t bite them or try to run from them. Give them some cute poses and cuddles and tricks. I promise they are a good family and you are safe with them. Have happy days while Gibson is at school and be ready to play when he gets home and PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT RIDE ON YOUR WHEEL AT NIGHT & KEEP THE FAMILY AWAKE!!

    Congrats on your new pet and hope he listens to what I said. Great job on the name, love it!!

  3. We just got a hamster not too long ago that we named Olivia Newton Hamster… all she does is sleep all day and run on that damn wheel all night !! lol but its tons of fun to watch my son interact with his hamster. congrats guys youll have tons of fun!

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