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flashback friday: not so skinny stick figure

i will never get over the cuteness of this drawing gibson made for me. it was taped to the front door, waiting for me when i got home from work. he was 6 and i was pregnant with marshall.

not exactly sure what made him want to draw this but here are some of my favorite details:
he gave himself spiky hair. such a rockstar.
he put marshall in my tummy and from what i can tell, gave me the biggest belly. adorable.
he gave matt no hair because he actually shaves his head and has none. ohmigawd.
incase you aren’t sure what it says, it reads: mommy i {heart} you and daddy. then he’s written our names under us and used nice thick lines to separate them so i knew he wasn’t writing gibsonmom. hilarious.
ending it with i {heart} you guys just melts my heart.

a cherished keepsake no doubt. just had to share.

have a blessed and awesome day.


1 thought on “flashback friday: not so skinny stick figure”

  1. this is sooooo sweet. I love keeping these kinda drawings and looking at them every couple years. My girls would do this for me too and leave them somewhere to surprise me. How sweet he is drawing his baby brother in your belly, he must have been excited. thanks for sharing this cute story!! Now go give them both a big hug!!

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