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what can i make with 11 fat quarters?

well, almost anything! but they’ll be new flower belts for my fall wardrobe!!!!!

with fat quarters on sale at Jo-Ann’s for 99 cents i totally scored! like FAT! pun totally intended.

i have a couple tops that are this color red so i might just make this one a hair clip or a flower broach and probably a button ring.

during my crafty time i made a flower belt out of this combo and can’t wait to share with ya. =) but first i have to figure out how to fit it in with clothes i already have.

sorta similar colors as above but the blue is different and it has some brown and yellow in it. hoping to make this work with a lot of different pieces in my closet.

hope you all have had a little crafty time this weekend too!


3 thoughts on “what can i make with 11 fat quarters?”

  1. ooooohhhhh these are so pretty and perfect fall colors. I can’t wait to see them when your done. Glad your getting your craft on this weekend. Have fun and thanks for the little peek!!

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