retrohipmama style: almost long sleeve weather

what’s up homies? did ya’ll get dressed this week? i did and kinda loved what i wore. sooooo, i’m gonna share!

LAST WEEK: totally forgot to share this one. i finally picked up a pair of brown leggings so i could wear this dress, well, as a dress.

MONDAY: i darkened my hair! sweet cola to be exact! makes me feel so much more like myself.

TUESDAY: a long-ish camp shirt (handed down by a friend), jeans and chucks. added the belt to break up the length of the shirt

THURSDAY: this is an outfit i’ve been dying to share!!! the blazer is another hand me down (same friend as the rest of my new stuff) and i have to tell you that i actaully screamed and jumped up and down when i pulled it from the box. matt thought i was nuts. but isn’t it super cute? for a client meeting i paired it with a plain white tee, my favorite black slacks and a pair of new black heels that turned out to be super comfortable. i also curled my hair all over and did it in a half-up style.

Xhilaration-womens xhilaration sunstone mary jane pumps black patent

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4 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: almost long sleeve weather”

  1. I like your hair, perfect for fall time. So fun seeing what your wearing again, FALL CLOTHES!! I love love them all and you look SUPER GOOD in them all. My favorite might have to be Tuesday’s but it’s really hard to pick. So glad you were having fun with new outfits, thanks for sharing.

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