a cute creepy crawly

another pinterest project, made for a friend. 

the one i saw had the spider in black but this special friend (who LOVES decorating for halloween) also LOVES purple. 

i couldn’t find another web i liked so i printed and traced it on my fabric.

the freedom to stitch where i wanted was so much fun. sometimes i did one section at a time but going across, then up then across the other way and sometimes i went all the way up then down and over. i just enjoyed the randomness and then the beauty at the finish. took me under 2 hours to complete.

not linking this up anywhere since it’s not really my idea. just wanted to share. =)


3 thoughts on “a cute creepy crawly”

  1. this is sooo cute, love love the purple!!! I think the purple adds more Halloween spook to it !!! You really rock on these embroidery’s. Now you know when you take these down your walls will look bare and lonely so start planning on your Christmas ones or maybe Thanksgiving with a big turkey bird first then Christmas.

    So glad you are crafting again. Happy Wednesday!!

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