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flashback friday: 4 years ago

october 13, 2007

settling in to watch shows on a saturday night. it was late. gibson got to bed late and i was feeling tired. only a few days past my due date but i was anxious. didn’t think that as i got up to go pee, my water would break. uh oh.

no panic, we’d done this before. wake up gibson and get him ready. for a 6 year old, he wasn’t thrilled about being woken up. call matt’s sister and hubby to come get gibson for the night. take a shower, pack a bag, hit the road. oh the loooooong 2.5 mile drive to the hospital. haha! check in, get a room, settle in again. it’s 2:00am. of course, i’d love to relax but they have to stick me. now listen here, i don’t like effing needles. i don’t like them in my arms or in my hands and i don’t like them when i’m 9 months pregnant. when i had gibson, the dang nurse stuck me 4 times before she got the IV in my hand on the 5th try. knowing this, matt asked to make sure i got someone who was very good at placing it right the first time. but no. got stuck 5 times…as per usual.

since my water broke, of course i had to have the iv so marshall would be safe, but seriously i was having no contractions.  none. we tried to sleep. we tried to read. he joked a bit too. that’s how we roll. what i wanted to do…the only thing i wanted to do was eat. Lord Almighty i just wanted some food. i eat…it’s what i do. but if they had to do a c-section then of course i couldn’t have any food in me. okay fine. i’ll sleep. but with this freaking monitor belt on my belly that’s about 20 sizes too big for my body. ugh.

sunday, 10am and my folks arrive and my sister-in-law and brother-in-law bring Gibson to say hi before they take him somewhere until they get the call from us. games are on…it is sunday ya know. we’re chillin’ and still no contractions, no dilation. nurses are conversing about options. oh and by the way, i still haven’t eaten anything. at noon they tell me that they’ll give me pitocin if i don’t start having contractions by 2pm. that would be over 12 hours since my water broke and of course we all know that can cause an infection if he’s in there with no fluids. okay. fine. whatever.

2pm arrives and so does the nurse. they give me pitocin to induce labor and a pain killer for the inevitable. by the way…no epidural. not with gibson either. just a bit of whatever they give me to dull the pain. i’m a little proud of myself for it. she tells me to let the drugs kick in and try to sleep before the contractions come. she also sneaks me a small package of saltines cause my bloodsugar is crazy low and i’m starting to get the shakes. 30 minutes later i’m finally drifting off when i’m jolted awake by an all too familiar feeling. oh yeah, we’ve got action! down below and on tv. the raiders and playing the chargers.

clear the room again, just me and matt and the staff. and the game. i swear to you i almost ripped the nurses head off when she asked if i wanted the tv off. i needed that game. something to focus on. i may have screamed like a raving fan a few times…but that was just a little pain from the human that was being expelled from my body. pushing at 3:10pm, baby at 3:38pm. BAM! that’s how i roll! and he got to see the game too!

but due to the lack of food and my body’s ability to want to go nuts when it isn’t fed properly, as soon as marshall was out i was all fuzzy and my vitals were wacky enough for the nurses to call respiratory in for me. kinda scared the crap outta my mom who was waiting outside when a bunch of medical staff rushed into my room. of course she followed. it was all good! just needed some food so matt ran out to get me jamba and chipotle. no joke. i was freaking starving!

so now were four of us. we were complete. whole. perfect.


and now…a tribute to my little marsh-mellow:


4 thoughts on “flashback friday: 4 years ago”

  1. awwww this is sooo sweet. how awful for you that it was this hard and long, you can hold it over his head forever now though, haha. I can just picture you yelling at the nurse to leave the tv on, too funny. I love the little marshmallow name for him, how cute is that. great layouts too, so cute growing up with those beautiful eyes of his.

    I had issues about food with my labors too and the needles oh man alive I hate hate when they can’t do it on the first. My hubby took care of that for me too and told them get someone whose good. When having Sam I wouldn’t even let them near me, no way I said stay out of this room till I call you. Well he came so fast and we weren’t ready so Rich got down there to catch him as we screamed for a nurse who pushed Rich aside and caught Sam as he came out. What a way to enter the world, I held him the whole 3 days I was there. Wouldn’t let them keep him in the nursery ummmm did I mention it was finally A BOY A BOY!! Waited forever for him and was not going to hand him to anyone.

    It’s so fun to share their birth stories with them now that they are older. They get a kick out of it every year. We do kinda like a countdown during the day of what we were doing and how excited we were to meet them. I should actually write this down and keep it, one day my memory won’t be as good.


    1. hey dawn, thankfully the hard stuff was quick!! =)
      we had a great day and day after and lots of hugs were given!
      what a cool idea to give them a run down of the day…so cool! =)

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