retrohipmama style: 2 new tops

a cute new navy sweater from target got me this super cute and comfy outfit. simply paired with a white tee, khakis, and red accessories, i felt good all day. and yes, i’m wearing lipstick. not something you normally see me wearing but i finally found a good red color and decided this was the outfit to experiment with.

also a big shout out to my awesome photographer, gibson. he’s getting good!

wednesday proved to be another cute outfit day.

a purple dress/belt combo that i found at walmart for $14 is actually pretending to be a shirt here becasue it’s just too long to look good with pants. so i scrunched it up and will wear it as a dress with leggings on another occasion.

i also happened to have picked up a purple bandanna while at walmart a few weeks ago and how do you like that…it totally matched this shirt so of course it became a button ring.

see ya over at Real Momma, Real StyleNo Model Lady and What I Wore Wednesdays at The Pleated Poppy.


5 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: 2 new tops

  1. dawn says:

    loving that red lipstick on you, smokin hot aren’t you!! Your hair is gorgeous and seriously Gibson did great on those pictures, so many poses and fun you had. I think you should give him a small allowance since he did AMAZING!! You really look great in both outfits. Love that you made a ring to match, so crafty and cool you are.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

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