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5 weekend pinterest projects

i’ll be at it again this weekend! no plans means lots of crafty time for this retrohipmama! i’m over the sickies of last weekend and i am itchin’ to get going on christmas gifts and overall general projects!

if all goes well, some or most of these things will get done. wish me luck!

i made fabric stuffed birds before and loved it. i think i could use the practice and they are just too cute.

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2 years ago i made a cool advent calendar from a paper crafts magazine i had saved. time to bust it out and make new activities for christmas.

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my boys both had birthdays recently so i think this kind of photo edit is in order. so sweet!

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i happen to have some artichokes in the fridge and think they would go good with the ribeyes we have in the freezer. i smell a sweet supper for saturday night!

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during my last venture to the BIG jo-ann’s i picked up a few white cup cuffs. always wondered what i could do to spice them up and now i know embroidery is the way. now to figure out what i want to stitch. thinking a cute or funny saying, maybe an owl or some ribbon. hmmm…
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and now tell me…what are your weekend plans?

2 thoughts on “5 weekend pinterest projects”

  1. I love the new look over here.
    Those birds are beautiful and I love the picture of the little girl. Great idea. A real slice of time.
    This weekend I’m making Daughter’s costume…I didn’t get out of my pajamas today. Mostly because it snowed. Crazy!

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