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hey, it’s marrrio!

rather than pay $40 for a cheap costume, i made one myself for $20. and everything is still useable after halloween.

hat: already owned
M logo: cut out from the package on the mario pj’s we bought him and fused to white felt
red shirt: target $4
blue sweat pants: target $8
overalls: two strips of old blue sweats that didn’t fit him anymore. i fused them to the shirt.
yellow buttons: jo-ann’s $3.50 each

cute right?

gibson’s going to be a zombie soldier so his makeup and costume will be a one-time shot so i’ll take pics tomorrow night.

have a safe and happy halloween everyone!

1 thought on “hey, it’s marrrio!”

  1. You are so smart and creative. I love costumes like these, homemade ones. There was a few cute ones at Sam’s school that Iiked and I always look for those kind first at the parade. My darn camera didn’t work for me during the parade so NO PICTURES!!! you know that bothers me, right!!!

    He looks adorable and ready for some treats. Have fun tonight and can’t wait to see Gibson all dressed up too.

    Happy Halloween!!

    p.s. check out my blog you might like my new project and can do it with your boys???!! Let me know!

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