flashback friday

flashback friday: school boy

this post is in honor of my crazy grown up 10 year old gibson. he aced his math test this week!

now it’s not like i’m surprised. he’s excellent in math. his spelling is always commendable and he gets science. so i’m not surprised he did well. i’m just glad he’s done it. glad he’s worked hard. glad we’ve kept him focused on school. glad that he took pride in the “100% A+” at the top of the page. glad that he’s getting a mcflurry today after school to celebrate!

he can do it. he can do anything. he knows this.

but i can’t forget where we started. the most wonderful and loving christian kindergarten that gave him a foundation to learn from. this pic was taken 5 years ago during homework time and although the work was simple and took 30 minutes, i would still rather help gibson learn about physics and integers for 2 hours, just so i can see his mind growing.

he’s growing up. and now i’m in need of a tissue.

happy friday!


2 thoughts on “flashback friday: school boy”

  1. WAY TO GO GIBSON!! So happy for you, good for you working hard. Enjoy that Mcflurry today!!

    Andrea this is very sweet, doing my best with Sam this year, for the first time ever he doesn’t want to go and doesnt’ like school this year. Not sure why and he doesn’t either. Just says he’s tired of going and it’s not exciting this year.

    His big 10 bday is in 6 days, can you believe both of us will have 10yr. old boys. I did a special post on my blog you will have to check it out.

    We both have cutie boys at 5 and they both are still soooo cute now!! Happy Friday.

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