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railway museum + pumpkin patch

have i mentioned that our little marshall likes trains? once or twice? well in case you missed it, he does. he’s a freak. he doesn’t play with anything else. so then what could be more exciting than a yard full of old trains and tracks? a yard full of old trains that drive out into a secluded pumpkin patch!

yup!! this is our second year taking him to the Western Railway Museum for his birthday and we’ll bring him back every year until he’s tired of it. it’s a place that, when matt’s mom was alive, we took gibson when he was young.  and since marshall’s birthday is in october, and it’s the only month the train goes to the pumpkin patch, it’s a perfect place to celebrate!

me and the boys.

not only is it fun for him, but i get so much eye candy through my lens.

“Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting for a train” – janis joplin

we’re on the train but the only problem with being on early is having to wait for the people who were late.

he’s clearly excited beyond excitement!

when the 10 minute train ride comes to a stop, there’s so much fun waiting for us at the pumpkin patch!

there’s a HUGE hay maze. which is where gibson spent most of his time which is why there aren’t any pics of him.

me and marsh went on a tractor ride.

well…me, marshall and an ice cold coca-cola.

it was so cute, he had his hand on my leg the whole time!

and another one for art’s sake, the sun was bursting over the bridge as we went under it.

he finally got brave enough to climb and hop around on the hay.

time to catch the next train back to the station. this kid would live on the rails if we’d let him.

me and my babe.

kinda funny that gibson’s playing chess on the iPhone on a train that’s over 50 years old.

just checking out the tracks ahead.

even if it’s over an hour drive on windy roads to get here, it’s worth it every year!

2 thoughts on “railway museum + pumpkin patch”

  1. uhm. seriously. i’m totally loving the end shot of the rails & the one of marshall in the hay maze & that train shot about 3 down, shot up from the tracks. AWESOME pictures! i wish we had some place like that here! we took a ‘santa express’ train about 3 years ago, and it was over priced & waaaay lame & so we’ve never done it again. the dude took a trip with papa last october from florida to philly via train and was in HOG heaven. so sad i missed experiencing it with him though 😦 ps. you totally need to get some of these on marsh’s walls! 🙂

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