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did you miss the guest post it did over at last week? i participated in the  30 days of giving thanks for the month of november along with some other super faithful ladies. so much faith. so much inspiration. so much thankfulness.

below is the contribution i made to the 30 days, on day 6.

i do not want her hair, or her husband or her body or that car.
i do not want that job or their kids or his money.
i do not covet their house or that house payment.
i don’t want those friends or that life.
i dream but i do not obsess.
being content is being thankful for what the Lord has blessed me with.
being content allows me to learn from the past and strive for the future while living right now.
being content frees up so much space in my heart for what’s right in front of me.
this life is perfect for me and i’m feeling especially thankful.

hello, my name is andrea and i am content.

i was hoping to come up with 30 things i’m really thankful for but i was feeling like i was just making stuff up so i stopped where i stopped. thankful hardly describes my feelings about where we are in life right now. we’ve been down much more than we’ve been up and i’m sure we can all attest to riding the peaks and valleys of life. but under all the muck, i like to find the flowers. see what’s good. so here is a small list of things i’m feeling thankful for:

1) that we listened to God and didn’t buy a new car that would have cost us $200 extra each month, because one week later i lost $300/month in commission.

2) that my boys (10 and 4) compromised and picked the same ice cream to share at the store.

3) for ice in my water and a new bendy straw each day.

4) that matt found his passion and is making money doing what God made him good at, at home.

5) for good music that brings back memories and makes me smile.

6) that chocolate old fashioned donut when i needed it.

7) for the heater in my car so i can stay warm while i drive with the windows down.

8) that my 10yo son bought chucks today. and hi-tops no less!

9) when my little marshall simply complies. sometimes that’s all i ask and he just does.

10) my job. my stinkin’ stressful and always has me on edge job. it will get better, and it has gotten better the more i learn. but it’s tough and a lot of responsibility. i’m thankful to be employed and to have a really wonderful boss.

11) men’s tube socks.

12) that God trusts us. that He loves us. that He protects us.

13) for the means to have NFL Sunday Ticket. i mean honestly. i gotta have my football.

14) gibson straight up asked his friend if he was gonna ditch him again when the friend came over asking if gibson wanted to ride bikes the next day. he’s slowly learning how to muddle through the crap of life. thankful he talks to us about it. thankful we are here to help him.

15) cheez-its.

16) my dslr camera. it’s widened my abilities and stretches my knowledge of photography everyday. plus it shoots in raw so…there’s that.

17) that i don’t have to worry about toilet seat covers when my boys potty in a store bathroom. i mean, the convenience of being able to stand up and avoid all the booty cooties makes it easy on me.

18) for artie shaw’s amazing music that can always calm my nerves and take me to a place i wish i could have experienced in real life.

19) my craftiness. i mean what else would i do with myself if i didn’t want to make stuff? makes my heart beat a little uncomfortably just thinking about it.

20) that my supper hubby loves me. no matter what crud i’ve drug him through or what mood i’m in…he still stays.

21) that i have found so many lovely friendships in this bloggy world. a place where we all struggle, where we can share and laugh and learn. i am truly grateful for kristy, kristan, dawn, chrissy, aimee and christine (just to name a few). you ladies have a place in my heart and my life, hope you know that. =)

22) my parents. they are travelling from october thru march in their fifth wheel and i will miss them. hopefully they hurry and get skype hooked up so we can chat. but they’ve been huge supporters of our family, our business, our dreams and our kids.

so that’s it for now. i know as soon as i publish this i’m going to slap my own forehead and wish i would have included something else. but i am content with this list, just as it is!




1 thought on “being content”

  1. Andrea this is great, love your list. The word content is my favorite word too, it describes my first daughter when she was a baby and into her tween years.

    My faves on your list was 2,5, 7 was just like me, I’m laughing at us, 20 and thank you sooooo much for #21. You have a place in my heart too girl!!

    Thanks for sharing and hope your notebooks with the boys are still going good. Peek at my blog if you can today, some good stuff!

    hugs dawn

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