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an early christmas

i want it to be christmas NOW.

well, okay, not yet, but i want to start enjoying it now.

so i have.

i’ve been listening to christmas music for a couple weeks now. i’m not offended that stores are covered head to toe in snowflakes and red and white stripes and merriment. i LOVE this feeling.

i spent some time on pinterest recently, adding some more crafts and decorating ideas to my christmas board. i’m even more giddy now! i have time to make a few new things for the family room and really, it’s all i’ve been thinking about.

so when i got home from breaking dawn: part one, (which was PHENOMENAL) i decided to get down all the christmas stuff and decide what i would use this year. this helped me decide on a color theme (red and white) and what i wanted to make (lots of things) or re-use (striped fabric from years ago) or put away (the pink stuff i’ve loved for years) or add to the mix (some of matt’s mom’s ornaments). of course i did all this while bumpin’ the she&him christmas album. i loved going through everything now that it’s been put away for a year. =)

i’ve already started (and nearly finished) one cool craft i’m excited to share. we’ve done almost all of the boys’ shopping online and the next order will be purchased soon. i guess i just want to be done with the rush and the hurry and get on with the wonderment and the magic.

i’m adding new items to my advent calendar which i’ll share soon too.

hoping everyone is looking forward to december as much as i am.

see you soon!


2 thoughts on “an early christmas”

  1. It is a great feeling to get ready for Christmas and work on some homemade projects. I can’t wait to see what you make and share some of your decorations with us. What kind of tree do you use, real or artificial? The Christmas music has been playing a little here at my house too which is early for us. I’ve had a no xmas anything rule till after Thanksgiving for years now but this year I broke the rule. EVen started a Christmas layaway to get me started. Have fun get crafty this weekend!

  2. We ARE soul sisters! My hubby is gone this weekend but I’m tellin’ ya as SOON as he gets back, we are gonna get those Christmas decorations going!!! Of course…I also might try to get them myself and surprise him…hmmm….as for Breaking Dawn, I want to go see it!! AHH!! Hopefully this coming week I’ll find some time to get some of my gals together and swoon etc. ;0)

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