week in the life

a week in our life – another update

WOW…i think i’m done. i’m freaking exhausted.

this is the point where i will read through everything looking for typos and errors. i think i’ll save that for this evening. it feels good let me tell you. so much journaling + photos + spacing + saving + uploading. but we’re almost there! the binder is ready with page protectors and baseball card sheets to put receipts and stuff into. going to make the binder cover out of a map like i did last year so they’ll look good together and i won’t have to change themes someday when i don’t like the style. maps are always cool right?

i’m sharing monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday + the opening and closing pages.

after last minutes edits, i’ll upload to scrapbookpictures.com for printing. they printed my photo pages last year and they turned out great.

so enjoy!

next update will be the whole book put together. i am so excited about that. feels like forever but i am still trying to finish this before  november ends.

hugs, andrea


2 thoughts on “a week in our life – another update”

  1. I love love your WITL photos and words and design. They look AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!!!! You are soooo good at capturing your kids/thoughts/YOU/fun all rolled into one. Great job again my friend. I can’t wait to see it in the book, hope you will share it SOON!!


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