christmas sneak peek

have i mentioned that i’m really looking forward to christmas? i’m even considering decorating on thanksgiving since we’ll just be at home pigging out and watching football. either way, i have to get ready and i want some new things to look at this year.

the theme is red and white this year.  now if i can only get the kids to only put only red and white ornaments on the tree.  good luck right? oh…LIGHTBULB!!! ohmigosh…what if…i put my white artificial tree in the small corner of the kitchen and i can decorate it how i want and then the kids can decide on the ornaments for the tree we’re gonna cut down? i think it might actually work. whoa…i love when that happens!

okay so these are little snippets of what i worked on this weekend:

believe banner

frames for thumbprint reindeer

pulled down the christmas boxes and i’m using only these two boxes of stuff.

i made this advent calendar 3 years ago with leftover scraps. each day has an activity.

covered an old lampshade with leftover fabric

candycane pillow

presents? no. hmmm…what could they be?

hope you’re ready or at least getting there. do you like to enjoy thanksgiving with no signs of christmas or do you just go with whatever you feel like?

see ya soon!

2 thoughts on “christmas sneak peek”

  1. I love your colors for Christmas, going to look great. Your BELIEVE BANNER is what I need. That is my word for this month, last year it was JOY!! Everything looks fun and I hear you about the kids. That’s why I try to do two trees. They also have their own trees in their bedrooms.

    I can’t wait to see it all decorated and that’s a great idea to do it on Thanksgiving.

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