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mom and son journal

do you know my friend kristy at kristy.makes?

well she made an awesome journal for her and her young son to write back and forth to each other. ‘kind of like a diary, but between two people’, as my son said.

i just loved the idea and thought gibson would totally be on board with it. i grabbed some leftover scrapbook paper and covered a gently used composition book. i have tons in my stash so i just grabbed one that had the most paper in it. =)

i wrote him a little note telling him what the journal was about and what to do with it. but i also added a little disclaimer that tells him that even though this is between him and i, i will notify dad about anything i feel he needs to know about. he knows we don’t keep secrets but i just needed to make that clear to him here. he got the message.

this kid cracks me up…his first entry is like a regular conversation. just like i hoped it would. he wrote back right away and i have been the one to hold on to it for a day or two. he’s 10 and he could use the writing practice. he’s got to slow down and he’s got to learn how to put what’s in his head, onto the page. not that he can’t, obviously, but this is where he struggles and i think it’s a super cool way to build a stronger connection with him while practicing skills at the same time.

thanks for the idea kristy. you’ve been an inspiration to me and i hope you know that.

2 thoughts on “mom and son journal”

  1. awww yea!!! i love that you put a disclaimer in there for matt!!! lol… but stephen has mason convinced he ‘knows everything’ already… so i didn’t even THINK about that! i love that he asked about writing on the other page.. i totally saw that one coming with mason & put it in my ‘directions’. kids.. i tell ya! 🙂 ps. you are an inspiration as well lady!! 🙂

  2. awwww this is soooo sweet!! I’m so glad your doing this with Gibson. I liked your part about his writing, that’s how my Sam is and I could never figure it out till I read this. He is so cute, love this already. Thanks for sharing this idea, you are so good and for Kristy inspiring you to do this.

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