it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas

at my house, as soon as our guest left, i was taking down the fall colors to make room for christmas. furniture had to be rearranged. embroidery hoops had to be emptied. floors had to be vacuumed.

the next morning, the decorations went up and the tree was assembled. we opted to use our pre-lit tree instead of cutting one from the farm simply based on cost. an $80 tree would have meant $80 less for gifts and we really want the boys to have a special day since they’ve both earned it.

at this point, there are still crafts i want to make and i’ll share them as i put them up. i’d say it’s pretty darned christmasy up in here! wanna take a look?

meet sam. i have no idea why he’s named sam but he just is. since i collect coca-cola stuff, it’s no doubt i have a polar bear holding a bottle of coke.

this is the view from behind the couch. my mom and i made the quilt a few years ago.

the updated gallery wall. i added a painting gibson did of a snowy tree, a striped shoe box top, and a hoop that i ironed felt trees to.

here is the wall opposite the window. i used leftover christmas fabric for the hoops. i also hung ornaments inside of an old red frame i hang in my bedroom. these ornaments were hung from the ceiling last year!

on the floor is a white sheet (snow) for the village and the train. more pics of those to come later.

here’s a closeup of the second large hoop i ironed felt trees to.

i wrapped another shoebox top with pretty fabric and found this vintage bike in the box of christmas things matt’s mom gave us years ago. i had never really looked in there until this year. i found so many treasures.

like this vintage wooden biplane. swell.

these ceramic mice belonged to my grandma. she collected mice and had given these to my mother, who then gave them to me. they go with the whole vintage vibe and remind me of her.

when i was a kid, my family had a collection of christmas dogs. every year, we’d buy a new dog and write the year on its tag. so sang, some were big, some we just plain cute.

when i started my own family, we got a moose somehow and i figured we should carry on the tradition. we have mostly moose and a couple reindeer, one for each year we’ve been married. the boys love to pick the new one each year.

so that’s it so far. these are my most favorite details.

i let go of my craziness for everything to match and let the boys decorate the entire tree. more to come on that. =)

hope you’re all enjoying the start of another week. =)


1 thought on “it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas”

  1. aaaawwww it all looks so pretty and festive. I love the red/white colors everywhere. What great ideas you have, especially like the hanging ornaments. Mine usually hang in our kitchen, love putting them all thru the house.

    how cool to collect moose and dogs each year. My collection is snowmen, all kinds of them. Your little mouses are sweet. My nana made me some mice when I was 13 and I still have them.

    Can’t wait to see more, tell Gibson he did a great job on his tree art. Thanks for sharing and making me feel excited for Christmas to come.

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