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december daily in photos: days 1-4

oh december, you have been great so far. i am enjoying you thoroughly, mostly your little things. you provide so much magic. so much joy. you have brightened the eyes of everyone in our house and for you, i am blessed.

my battery is charged and my memory card is empty, ready to begin documenting anything that reminds me of christmas or the month of december in general. i’ve never looked at this month quite this way before, it’s eye opening. i am trying to see things differently, trying to see what the boys see. trying to really take it in.

thanks to katrina at, i’m getting helpful emails about what kids of things i can look for and capture during this month. i signed up for her daily email and it’s a great idea starter.

also thanks to for these little journaling cards.

Free Journaling Labels

they are a free printable and have allowed me to quickly jot down random things about the day. i may or may not use them in my actual december daily book, but they’ve been super handy to have printed so i can easily keep track of our happenings.

so, on to the photos that i’ve taken so far from day 1 through day 4.

[day 1]

hot chocolate with french vanilla creamer. perfect for any cold evening.

december daily: day 1 | hot chocolate

the christmas train is marshall’s favorite thing right now. he just lays here and pushes it back and forth. the batteries were dead and we (purposly) haven’t replaced them yet. it’s a loud train.

december daily: day 1 | train

[day 2]

gibson decided the activities in the countdown calendar were just too ‘young’ for him so i decided to get marshall more involved. obviously, not sure why i didn’t plan for this. first thing he asks as he walks half-awake from him room in the morning is “can i pull a card for the fird day?” he does know what each date is…this kid is no dummy. but he wants to skip ahead. hate to tell him no but we have to keep the magic alive, right?
december daily: day 2 | countdown

since he pulled watch a christmas show from the calendar, we busted out the rudolph dvd because our list of shows that are set to record on the dvr hadn’t quite started yet. oh, by the way, my friend kristy at kristymakes made an awesome list of kid and adult christmas movies that are most loved.

december daily: day 2 | rudolph

meet fluffy dog. fluffy dog was born on the same day and in the same hospital as marshall, so we took him home with us. (matt bought him for marshall on the day he was born). this dog talks for marshall, he eats with us, sleeps with marshall and gets hungry. oh boy. 

december daily: day 2 | fluffy dog

this is me and marshall watching rudolph before bed. i had no idea that 24 hours later we would have watched it a dozen more times.

december daily: day 2 | watching shows

[day 3]

we still need to eat regular food and today, me and the boys just felt like it was a pb&j day. that’s homemade strawberry freezer jam, by the way. it’s THE BEST!

december daily: day 3 | pb&j

[day 4]

i wrapped two gifts on saturday night. the two gifts that the boys will open on christmas eve, a tradition that matt kept alive from his childhood. marshall was the first to notice them under the tree on sunday and sat like this, watching rudolph, all morning.

december daily: day 4 | first gift under the tree

it’s now monday and there’s a whole weeks worth of stuff to look for and grab through my lens. hoping to get creative.

you’ll see only photos here on the blog. i’ve decided to discontinue the use of the sam’s club photo center as i have noticed and irritatingly so, that they are auto correcting my pics or something that makes them too dark. i spend a ton of time editing them, and for them to not come out looking like i want is a pain. so as inconvenient as it is, i am not getting my pics in an hour anymore. i am however, using a fabulous online lab called the prices are great and they print in a ton of different sizes. so i will be planning to print all or most of my december daily prints at the end of the month and putting the book together all at once. i think that will be easiest for me. if you’re doing a december daily, how are you assembling yours?


6 thoughts on “december daily in photos: days 1-4”

  1. So funny about the rudolph video! My mom was watching my daughter on sunday and dvr’d it for her. When I came to pick her up, my mom was like well, rudolph used to be my favorite, but we watched it over and over, so not much anymore! haha. Looks like youre having a great start to december!

  2. I love love your photos for December. So many sweet memories with little ones. Love that he held onto that present and didn’t accidently rip it or peek at it. We used to give the kids xmas pj’s the night before since that’s what I did as a kid. We stopped doing that though few years ago.

    It is fun to capture all these moments of the little ones so you can look back on these memories and they can too when they’re adults. Think it’s great that you will put this together after Christmas and that way you can still enjoy this season and not feel rushed to do your pages. Maybe I can still do that. Thanks for the links, I signed up for the daily email too and will print out the cards when we get more ink.

    So what are the presents for the boys and how do you decide which one to give early??

    1. Hey Dawn, shhhh, that’s what the gifts are (+a little something extra). We do that every year too…they still have no idea! And this year will be a very good christmas so we decided to number the gifts in certain order. we’re building up to the super gifts and it’s going to be hilarious! our excuse will be that we’re helping marshall with number recognition. then they can both help be santa and out plot is covered! hehehehehe!

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