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project.fiftytwophotos.weeks 34 – 47 [catch up]

it’s about time for another catch up post for my photo a week project. i’ve been clicking away, some week more than others. here are the most memorable from the past several weeks:

[week 34] this crazy looking wasp we found in the house. they travel alone and do not swarm, thank goodness. but check out that stinger!


[week 35] dirty little marshall feet.


[week 36] first week of NFL and we all made our picks. even marshall. we’ve faithfully made picks each week. can’t wait to tally up the wins. i think we’ll do dinner as a family just to celebrate the end of the season!


[week 37] captured this one evening from my backyard. still couldn’t believe how stunning it turned out. reminds me of how big our God is and how beautiful he made life for us here.


[week 38] marshall grabbed my small point and shoot, somehow turned it to black and white and started snapping.


[week 39] after a lot of maturing, gibson got a hamster and named him albert.


[week 40] my boys…waitin’ for a train


[week 41] hey it’s me, maaario!


[week 42] first pair of chucks


[week 43] playing noah’s ark for the millionth time with marshall. oh no, lost my mate.


[week 44] zuke. stacks of zuke.


missed week 46 =(

[week 47] turkey leg.

P52.week 47

ahhh, that feels good to be done.


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