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the accidental santa train

our little town was once bustling with trains. old tracks still cross through and alongside the main roads. the bike trails are all built mostly paralleled with the disused tracks.  marshall knows where all the tracks are and there’s this one stretch that we can see from the main road, then he always says goodbye to them when they go behind some office buildings.

wouldn’t you know it, last saturday as gibson and i were driving home, right down that same stretch of track (oops, i mean road) ‘TRAIN RIDES’ was plastered on a big sign at the intersection. we hurried home, grabbed up marshall and went to check it out.

marshall’s a bit excited when he finally gets on the train.


he usually says goodbye, but now he can say hello.


and this is when i learned that santa was involved. we were headed to santa’s grotto.


the conductor punch an “M” for marshall.


the train stopped at a trail crossing to let us off. a walk over the creek and there was santa.



marshall walked right up to him, waved and said “hey santa.” like they were best buds. hopped right up and gave santa a huge hug. they sat and talked about trains and i swear it was magical, simply magical.



santa’s place had a cute scene set up with a cool thomas track too. the other kids loved it too.




just me and my little engineer.



the sun was setting through the trees and made a gorgeous backdrop.





did i mention the cookies and hot apple cider? yum.





and at the end of the ride, marshall asked the engineer very nicely if he could pull the whistle.



i love days like this. where we can have sweet memories without having planned them. the unexpected is sometimes where the most fun happens.


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