december daily

december daily in photos: days 11-17

[day 11]

gettin’ my wrap on.
december daily: day 11 | wrapping

yes, i like my paper to coordinate with the colors i use in the house. call me crazy.
december daily: day 11 | presents

[day 12]

it’s still bike and short sleeve weather. at least to gibson it is.

december daily: day 12 | still bike weather

[day 14]

got this idea and the camera settings from pinterest. after a few practice shots i asked both boys to stand and face the tree. gibson got testy and said “ya know mom, i’m 10 and i’m just not supposed to like to have my picture taken.” i calmly replied, “i am onlyy trying to capture our lives right now. and you’re part of that. i’m not asking to see your face, just want you to stand in front of the tree. if you don’t want to, that’s fine.”

within a minute, he said he was sorry for his attitude and asked where he should stand.

it’s moments like these that i am thankful for grace and patience and the ability to pick my battles. a memory i am glad to have sealed away.

december daily: day 14 | the boys and the tree

[day 15]

my birthday wish was a picture like this with the boys. the sun setting behind us makes the perfect backdrop.

december daily: day 15 | me and boys

[day 16]

straight out of the bath, wrapped in a huge warm towel.

i asked for a kiss. i got the sweetest one.


i made mini apple pies again. i mean, i had all this leftover vanilla ice cream and it was begging to be eaten. i made a dozen pies, delivered some to friends and wrapped and froze the rest.


[day 17]

addressed. sealed. delivered.



marshall and i played bowling in the hallway with cups and a cutie.


found a cute cup at michael’s.


i’m getting more pics than i expected to. kinda just snapping as we go. shopping is done. only the very last gifts to wrap. the boys are loving seeing more presents under the tree but we’re holding out now. nothing more until christmas morning when we bring out the big guns.

do you like to put out a little at a time or all the gifts at once?


4 thoughts on “december daily in photos: days 11-17”

  1. still loving your photo updates!

    i have to have my paper matching as well! 🙂
    love the photo of the boys!! so glad gibson joined in 😉
    need to know how you make those apple pies? i’ll have to go back & see if you posted that.. can’t remember!
    still love your christmas cards! 🙂
    and i LOVED the pictures of you with the boys (can’t remember if i posted that!) the sun setting was perfect!

    glad to see you had a great birthday girlie! 🙂

  2. I love the way you match your paper, that’s why I wrapped your gift in red/white so it would all match. My kids love to see a mix of colors so there is every color and style under the tree. I LOVE LOVE THE PHOTO of the boys, good for Gibson!! Your cards are soo perfect and cute just like you. Great wish for your bday and glad the picture came out sweet and perfect for you.

    You are so lucky to put some presents under the tree already. My kids would be way to tempted to look, they even tell me NOT to put any out. So I put out the ones for the extended family and my hubby so it looks pretty under the tree for now.

    I like that you put just a little for them to think about and wonder then pull out a bunch to surprise them with. That’s the way it should be.

    by the way what do you get your boys in their stockings? I’m always at loss for Sam’s and the girls I fill with girly things. Sam always has just a few things. Also what did you get Gibson, is he hard to shop for or easy? How do you decide what to get him? Again girls are so easy because of all the girlie things. Sam just says beyblades and nerf guns. Well he got about 20 beyblades for his bday and that’s enough. He has 3 nerfguns and I think that’s enough so it has hard shopping for him this year.

    Thanks for any tips you can share.

  3. love the photo of the boys in front of the tree. i’ll have to find that pin on pinterest! my pics have been coming out bad lately! Looks like you all are having a great holiday this year 🙂 I wait to put zoes presents under the tree until christmas morning. Until then I just set out all of our families presents. She likes arranging them under there.

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