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welcoming twenty-twelve

it’s like any other day. i mean, the sun comes up, kids wanna eat. the dishes still need to get done and someone’s had too much video game time. same as always.

but there is something a little different in the air on the first of january. same as always. a fresh start. a new calendar. getting used to writing the 12 instead of the 11. (how long does it usually take you to master it? hahaha). feeling the need to clean or organize something.

sunday was a real nice start to the new year. but let me back up to saturday though. my sweet mama’s been making plans and taking care of business for my gram while she’s in the hospital. running errands, living out of their 5th wheel to be closer to gram and turning down friends who want to come help or chat. she needed a break. a mental and physical break. so what does she do? she asks me if she can come help me organize or clean up. i’m serious folks…no joke. this is what we do. we organize. and i never turn down a cleanin’ date with my mama. this woman knows how to pack and stack boxes like no other. =)

pssst…i wanna back up another day for juuuuust a sec. i’m trying not to get too excited about a house we applied for on friday but part of what we did when we cleaned my garage was getting rid of a bunch of junk and prepping for a garage sale…just in case we are picked to rent this place. 2 other families have applied for the same house and i have been praying hard that this is where God wants us. it’s tough to talk about but impossible to not think about. i want it desperately. it’s not like some super fancy mansion or anything. it’s a normal house but we are ready for an upgrade and everything about it is better than what we have right now. i know you’re probably like whatever…it’s just a house and honestly, i agree. we have 4 walls and a roof. but the quality of the house we rent is getting worse and worse and the landlord could care less. we are bursting for a change after 6 years of yards that we can’t maintain, cabinets that give us splinters and a book full of things that make it inconvenient and troublesome to remain here. i know God has plans for us and it may or may not be the house we have now or one that’s even better than the one we are hoping for. and i am okay with what He decides. but this is what was difficult about cleaning the garage. so many things i could get rid of if we only knew if we were accepted and approved. so anyways, it made it tough to weed through things. on a really awesome note though, we eliminated stuff from over a dozen boxes and have a sweet pile of stuff to sell! i even got matt to go through 8 boxes of his old stuff and paired it down to 4.

this is what i love about january. something new. something clean. something to look forward to. something to strive for. so i redecorated. before the garage cleaning, mama and i stopped at jo-ann’s and found some cuuuuute new fabric for my winter theme. that’s right, i always change decor with the seasons and this year i decided on turquoise, grey and red. i already have so much in these colors that i had darn near everything on hand. but this fabric, oh i can’t wait to share! it makes me smile from ear to ear. okay shhh, here’s a little peek. the instagram doesn’t do it justice, i’ll do a full post later.

i started my morning off with a little mimosa since i didn’t have any champagne to ring in the new year. i did have this dude to stay up with though.

i ordered

we watched football and i ordered almost all my december daily pictures online and i gave marshall a clean haircut. gibson ordered some music and some games for my iPad with his iTunes gift cards. his falcons won and he was a happy kid! matt and i talked more about the potential house and awed pictures of it on his phone. we ended the night quietly and i sit here, after finally watching The Help, which he bought me for my birthday, reflecting on what i have and that i truly ENJOY my life.
gibson may get sent to bed early for not doing as he’s told but he’s learning that ‘why’ should not be the first thing out of his mouth when he’s asked to do something. and marshall may need another hug or his blankets fixed right when matt and i sit down to decompress the day together. but i’d rather have these things than anything else the world can give me.

all i need is love. and some rum for my cherry coke every now and then. am i right?

wishing that all of you enjoy prosperity and growth this year. you’re worth it!

oh and i promise to have our christmas story posted this week! =)



1 thought on “welcoming twenty-twelve”

  1. sounds like a great start to the year. congrats on clearing out the garage and finding some things for the sale, hooray for Matt giving up some stuff. I love how close you and your mom are and work together so well on projects. how sweet she came and helped you, your company I’m sure is getting her mood cheerful and she enjoyed being with you.

    i still need to read the HELP And see the movie of it. hopefully this year!!

    love love the colors you have picked out for the winter look and think it’s cool you do that. i packed away the xmas stuff but left out all my snowmen decrations and stuffed snowmen. those will stay out till valentines.

    what is that sign about belieiving in yourself, that would be cool for me to have since that’s my word????

    SO HAPPY ABOUT YOUR NEW TOY, Santa must have thought you were a good girl this year. I like the way you ENJOY what you have in life, I’m the same way. I wouldn’t trade it for all the money in the world. Some day’s are bad but when I tuck them in and enjoy the quiet I thank God everyday for this life.
    Wishing you the best of everything this year, YOU ARE WORTH IT!!

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