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what i wore + a pinterest project

i have a small obsession. the super retro red and turquoise colorway. i can’t help it, i’m in love. so when i found these cute earrings on pinterest, they were the first thing on my list of pinterest projects to tackle next.

Pinned Image

thanks to my awesome peeps getting me gift cards at jo-ann’s, i picked up what i could find to best replicate them.

here’s how they turned out!



and of course i had to find an outfit to go with them. easy to do since these colors are not absent from my wardrobe. and look…i match my family room!


i’m linked up here:

The Pinterest Challenge


2 thoughts on “what i wore + a pinterest project”

  1. WOOHOO!!!!!! You look good, those colors were made for you!!! I love the earrings and the outfit is perfect with them, love seeing a post like this again, kinda miss them. How fun to match the family room, great background for the picture.

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