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a handmade christmas

i enjoy giving gifts at christmas time. i really do but i don’t necessarily like shopping for other people. i never spend enough time in the stores to find that perfect gift and honestly, we spent all our money on our little family this year so there was little left to go around to friends and family. but you know what’s inexpensive? emboidery hoops, fabric, embroidery floss and my time. and you know what lasts longer than a pair of slippers? a custom designed and hand embroidered ‘established family hoop’.

i was a busy little bee and got started on these designs in late October so i knew i had enough time. the designs are customized and will be listed on etsy soon if anyone is interested. check there soon!

but for now, here’s a bit of detail on the gifts i made this year.

NELSON: made for my brother- and sister-in-law. the flourish design was traced from a scrap piece of paper i saved because i liked it. ended up coming in handy!



ROBERTS: for my rockstar best friends. this design is a photoshop brush. this was the first design i printed directly onto the fabric instead of tracing with pencil in the window. i ironed an 8.5×11 piece of freezer paper to the same size fabric until it adhered together. popped it right into the paper feeder and printed. the freezer paper peeled right off the back with ease. i am saved!


TAYLOR: made for my girl kristy at kristymakes. the design is also a photoshop brush and colored with the new colors she just painted in her family room. i was pretty sneaky digging for info…hehehe.

STEVE & KARI: a sweet and simple design for my good friend kari. she blogs about food with her spicy hubby at twomsinthekitchen. she also happens to be a real life friend who i adore to the max. her colors are wine tones so i went with that.



i enjoy simple designs that don’t keep me on the project for too terribly long and these little nuggets are the perfect handmade gifts for the special people in your life.

look for them in my etsy shop soon!

2 thoughts on “a handmade christmas”

  1. WOW you did a great job on these, I love the idea of their names being on them, so cool. How sweet of you to make these also. I like making homemade gifts.

    Remember I said I have a favor to ask you, well this was it. I thought it would be cool to have one with my OLW on it.
    Will send you an email about the details.

    So happy you found a project that makes you happy.

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