lately, memories, one little word

so many things.

recently i’ve ENJOYed:

gibson bringing up mature subjects that i’m finding comfort in giving him the right answers.

marshall putting his little fists on his little hips and giving us the ‘hhmmpphh’ when he’s mad. (we chuckle when he stomps away)

matt warming up my car and defrosting the windows before i leave for work.

too many cokes. i HAVE to cool it on all the junk food. it’s outta control. HELP.

marshall trying new foods. this kid still eats baby food…and he’s 4. not because we want it that way but he’s a picky eater. that’s no excuse but we’ve given in and said at least he’s eating the mashed stuff and not just not getting his veggies. but this week has been triumphant! he’s eaten cooked carrots, steamed green beans and banana. all things he’s eaten, just in the little plastic container with the gerber label. i am hoping this is a new chapter for us.

gibson’s complete and utter love and desire for shrimp and steak. i swear we need to take him to a sizzler with all you can eat shrimp…but he may just faint from the thought of so much prawn potential.

my little mini quiches for breakfast. (recipe coming soon)

the quiet time i used to have in the office. we’ve hired new people all starting this week and i will miss the quiet. but i am excited about getting some help and relief and the potential for more business and a more positive group of folks to be around!

my pink and brown argyle nails.

watching episodes of PanAm on my iPad. gosh darn it’s shot and written beautifully. it’s a shame the good shows always get cancelled.

the arrival of october’s project life pics and december daily pics (only through the 24th). i am bursting at the seams to dig into the Clementine stuff that’s sitting faithfully on my desk.

the big low moon that i see on my way into work with the sun creeping up in my rearview.

matt’s faithfulness to his new eating lifestyle. kinda. makes me guilty that i still eat poorly sometimes. but i love seeing him like this.

the cleanliness. the decluttering. the organization that has been spreading throughout the house.

a free car wash.

clothes that got put away and hung up.

tube socks.

mornings that don’t start with sneezing.

mornings that do start with ‘mama, can i lay on you and snuggle?’

my study bible app on my iPad. attempting to read a passage every night.

there’s a ton of little things. a ton of blessings. a ton of fun. i truly did ENJOY all these things while right there in the moment, not just now as i’m recalling them. that’s a pretty big step for me. i’m working on being more present and not off doing something else in my mind.

my reminder is this little gem. found on pinterest, repinned to my one little word board and printed so it can hang up on the wall of my new closet desk.

Pinned Image


5 thoughts on “so many things.”

  1. they cancelled panam! wth. not cool. that was a great show! Im sad now. I wish my house was organzied! wanna come to florida to help me 🙂 Hope you have a great weekend coming up!

    1. i know allie! they made 9 episodes and that was it. i never caught it when it was on TV because it conflicted with something else we were recording but after i got my iPad, i saw that iTunes was offering all 9 episodes for FREE download. you might want to go check out if it’s still free so you can enjoy them again. i’m slowly watching them because i am afraid to get to the end. =)
      and you know i would teleport to your house and help you if i could. i sooooooo would! =)

  2. I love what you have been ENJOYING !! It’s what I love about you and your blog, always filled with happiness and boy stuff, lol

    This put tears in my eyes. You have to include these in that new Clementine PL you have, so excited you got it and what a pretty color you got. I’m hoping to get my first week done tonight and post it. Had a hard time uploading them to Walgreens and finally went thru today, aaaahh late but at least I got them.

    Take care and keep ENJOYING these moments. hugs

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