retrohipmama style: i’m out there jerry…and i’m loving every minute of it

it feels good to be back.

it feels good to be dressing on purpose and taking pictures.

not sure why but i was in a funk. i like my winter wardrobe but just feel kinda blah about it.

and taking pics got really old after awhile.

but here i am…back on the wagon…or off…i never get this one right.

check out a couple outfits that were semi-picture worthy.


knit hat: old navy
hoodie: kohl’s on clearance ( 4 years ago )
skinny jeans: that used to be flares
knit boot slippers: old navy





the piece i loved today was the necklace. it’s my gram’s. she’s been giving us things and saying, i don’t need them anymore so you take them. i feel good about this. i feel like i want her to know i’m enjoying her things while she’s alive instead of rummaging through her things after she passes. this necklace was the focal point of the outfit.

sorry about the cell phone pics with no editing…




shall sweater: target
striped shirt: handed down from friend
white cords: have had for years. im sad because i think this might be the last time i will wear them. they are feeling too loose and i think i’ve sown the back pockets too many times and they just aren’t holding. we’ll see though, i love these pants.
belt: walmart
flower belt: made by me
brown flats: payless shoes
earrings: made by me with paperclips and embroidery floss. found it on pinterest last summer.



haha, looks like i’m fed up huh? i was just telling gibson not to cut my head off in the shot.



Momma Go Round


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