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week 3 wrap up

day 16: my morning always consists of a shower, marshall hanging out with me in the bathroom, hair and makeup and occasionally a stop at the bagel shop for a jalepeno bagel on my way to work. today was no exception.

day 16: morning (shower, Marshall hangs out in my bathroom, hair and makeup and then the bagel shop on the way to work) #JANphotoaday #photoaday

day 17: i honestly think water is the best drink ever.

day 17: water (my favorite drink) #janphotoaday #photoaday

day 18: it was only a matter of time that my boss would upgrade me to an iPhone. and i knew when that day happened i would get to buy a super cute girly case for it. i found a shop online called they started out as just providing  an app with girly wallpapers and expanded to cases. mine shipped on friday and i am anxiously stalking the mailman.

at walmart, one of the checkers asked us to take this cart back to the front since we were going that way after she checked us out in the garden center. of course, gibson hopped on and drove it like he stole it.

day 20: gibson and i went on a little dinner date before errands on friday evening. buffalo wild wing is he favorite place so we ate wings and drank coke and watched pre-game playoff football chatter.

days 19&20: sweet and someone I love #photoaday #janphotoaday

day 21: a date with my guy. a late christmas gift and early anniversary gift from my parents.


on the way over the hill, we were graced with this beautiful sunset.

day 22: yummy french toast breakfast for the boys.




what were your weekly highlights?

hope you find joy in everything this week!

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