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project life update: june through october

i am not ashamed that i have just now finished october in my project life album. not at all. i am proud i am nearly caught up. only 2 months of pictures left to edit and 2011 will be complete. and even though my printing lab went out of business this month, i have found to be my printer going forward. life is good.

so there’s a lot of photos here, i’m not gonna lie. so i’ll keep the words short and you can just look.

feel free to click on the picture to see it bigger.







this is the beginning of my desire to use more than just the project life contents.


stickers from my stash came out to play and it really felt like traditional scrapbooking.




yep, that’s a speeding ticket. second one in my life. it’s been 15 years since my first one. bummer.






redo this pic

i’ve been trying harder to collect random everyday things to include. each month gets a page protector to keep things in until they’re ready for the album.



i wanted to be sure to include gibson’s star testing. he’s a smart kid.





and his schoolwork. when being timed on math facts, he got 100 done in 5min, 12sec.


two days later, under 4 minutes! booya! that’s what happens when he practices.




i couldn’t help but break out the new clementine stuff when i worked on PL last weekend. too much cute stuff. plus i picked up new pens and washi tape that coordinates so i had to try them out. my new smash pads worked perfectly too!









hard to believe marshall turned four. he’s growing up so fast. and matt’s lost 50 pounds since this picture was taken. he was a little weirded out when i showed him this the other day. he’s worked incredibly hard.









so there it is. it’s almost done. next weekend my goal is to edit and upload all of november and december so that the following weekend i can finish it up.

are you behind like me or did PL allow you to keep up regularly? how did you print your pics? at home or online? just curious.

talk to ya soon!

11 thoughts on “project life update: june through october”

  1. Hi sweetie, this looks AMAZING AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!! I love seeing little peeks into your life with the BOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are so cute and WAY TO GO MATT !!!!!!!!!!! on his weight loss, so happy for him. I think it’s great your catching up and not just quitting it, too many good things to share and remember so keep going girl, I am here to cheer you on.

    What helps me is making that weekly date with myself to sit and enjoy the process of it and really remember all the things that happened. Mostly on Sunday nights I do this, just me and the PL and quiet after kids are in bed. I do keep a journal and write stuff down thru the week to remember or I use the journal cards but the journal gives me more space and I can write thruout the day then decide on what I want to tell later on. On Sat. morning or late day I order my pics online from Walgreens and then go pick them up an hour later. I’m lucky to have a Walgreen’s about 10mts away and honestly my hubby goes most of the time for me. I hate running errands and he loves them. So Iook thru them and make sure what I want for the week and set aside till Sunday. The biggest thing for me is ordering those pictures weekly if I can or biweekly at most, if I go beyond that I do fall behind. So just ordering 7 pics a week is only $1.78 I think and then I wait for their good deals online and that’s when I print out 75 or more for scrapping or squeeze into PL or for whatever else.
    Hope this helps a little. It is a big commitment but going on four years now it just feels like part of my routine now and I enjoy it so much so.
    Can’t wait to see more next week, have fun with it.

    1. Hey Dawn, I’m testing this out to see if I can reply to your comment from my phone. I’m hoping you get this via email…let me know would’ya?

      Andrea Gray [Sent from my iPhone]

  2. I still havent made my daughters scrapbook from when she was born, that was 3 years ago. so I would say your are no wheres near behind as much as I am 🙂

  3. LOVE the photo of the colored pencils.
    And there is NOTHING wrong with having wrapped up with October. I’m just now starting on 2011 and trying to do it while doing 2012.
    I think your pages are lovely.

    1. Hi Julie! I figure I’d better include it or it will either get tossed or thrown in a box and sit for a decade. Love the freedom of PL! So glad you came for a visit!

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