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all you need is love…

you know that feeling when you’re wasting time browsing pinterest, just looking for pretty things and stuff you want to save so you don’t forget and that SOMETHING just pops out to you and it ends up on your pinterest projects to do post. that’s exactly how i felt when i found this gem.

it’s courtesy of sweet sweet life and i found it on pinterest. everything screamed at me! the lamp shades. the graphic on the pillow and especially that banner.

i’ve done banners before, but this was beyond what i ever did. it must be a beatles thing for me, because it’s not like this is my motto or anything. i do truly LOVE this song by them and that must be part of it. the other part must be that it’s kind if a true statement. sonny and cher sang about it. that no matter what happens, as long as we have love, we can do anything. no, the realist in me says well, you need a job so you can have money to pay for gas and food and love just ain’t gonna pay for the electric bill. we can’t walk into the grocery store holding hands with a cart of food and tell the checker, “but we’re in love”. obviously.

but we can hold the dang marriage together with it. we can raise kids and do fun things at home and smile together and watch stupid shows on tv and talk to each other in movie quotes.

for these things…all we need is love.

and that’s why this is hanging over my bed now. because it’s a true statement and one that i want to live by.

love banner_3

made from all scrap paper and embroidery floss, it cost me nothing to make. just a little love and time. the letters are all hand drawn and cut out with scissors. my cricut just couldn’t make them as big as i wanted and i didn’t have any fonts in the typeface i wanted.

love banner_2

inspired by amy in her original post and trying to find my inner free spirit, i asked the boys to jump on the bed i just made. you should be proud of me, i didn’t even cringe.

love banner_jump

i’ve had these white lampshades for a few years now, waiting for that thing to come along and inspire me to do something with them. amy’s bedroom did that. i used black paint i already had and a foam brush. i measured then drew tick marks with pencil. i drew the lines connecting the marks so i had a guide. one coat was all it took.

love banner_1

so the lesson here today folks, is that all you need is love. (and some cute kiddos)


6 thoughts on “all you need is love…”

  1. seriously girl, you knocked this one out of the ball park! i LOVE it!!! i was so excited when i realized that’s what you were working on.. couldn’t wait to see the results! and like everything else you do, you nailed it! 🙂 love love love it! 🙂

    ps. i think i’m going to try and pay for gas while holding the babe & exclaiming… but i love him.. won’t that take care of it?! lol… 🙂 you crack me up.

    1. Girl, if you can pull if off I will give you a big fat virtual hi-5!
      I knew you’d know what I was up to. And I actually thought of you when i snapped the pic, not wanting to reveal too much…you’re a smart one.
      Glad you like it…i smile when i walk in my room now!

  2. I love it! I would never have thought of painting a lamp shade. I might see that in my future with some kind of stencil-y thing. Did you use regular acrylic paint?

    1. Hey Christine, I used a semi-gloss black paint in a tiny can I purchased for some other project. But acrylic paint would probably work just as well..i just didn’t have any.
      Thanks…thinking about doing a tute on the lampshade.

  3. I love this and it’s so fun and YOU!!! I love that you set a goal/ craft or otherwise and make it happen. What makes it real is seeing those cute boys jumping and having fun on your bed. LOVE LOVE is all around!!

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