photography, weekly wrap up

week 4 wrap up

day 21: missed this one on the actual day but one night this week the sunset was so pretty when we were driving.

day 21: reflection #photoaday #janphotoaday

day 22:

day 22: shoes #janphotoaday #photoaday

the boys and their electronics.

if you can view this…check out a little video of gibson beat boxin’.

day 23:

day 23: something old (gram's necklace) #photoaday #janphotoaday

made an awesome banner for the bedroom and let the boys jump on the bed.

love banner_jump

day 24:

day 24: my guilty pleasure #janphotoaday #photoaday

day 25:

day 25: something I made (necklace and ring) #janphotoaday #photoaday

marshall and gibson have been wearing these frames with no lenses all week. so cute right?


gibson cleans albert’s cage all by himself now.


day 26: found this freaking awesome purse at target.

day 26: color #photoaday #janphotoaday

day 27: wanted to capture marshall right now

#janphotoaday #photoaday

day 28: road trip!

day 28: light #photoaday #janphotoaday

fluffy dog is all ready to go.

first stop is matt’s mom’s grave. she’s buried in our old hometown, just an hour away. fresh flowers and warm memories.



another hour away we stop at a park to play while matt shoots for a promo he was hired to film.





then a half hour west to napa, where i spent the first 8 years of my life. this is the house i grew up in.

back through our old stompin’ ground for soft serve at fosters and our favorite mexican food. we will always come back for murillo’s. always.


wow, what a week!


1 thought on “week 4 wrap up”

  1. WOW what a great week you had. I love all the pictures and the variety of them. Cool nails you have to go with that pretty ring. How sweet to wear your grandmas pearls, I loved my Nana’s jewelry and clothes when I was growing up. That sunset is just as pretty as mine here, love love capturing those. I’m sorry to hear about Matt’s mom, not sure if I knew that she wasn’t here. That’s nice for the boys to stop and visit and remember her. Your guilty pleasure is the same as mine only I have the regular size ones and they are hidden on the top shelf of a cupboard so kids won’t know, lol

    Thanks for sharing these and making me SMILE!!

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