retrohipmama style: jackets and sweaters

i think i’m starting to feel more comfortable in my winter clothes. trying new combinations is fun! sorry about the cell phone pics. there’s no good spot to take pics outside this time of year so the mirrors will have to do and the light isn’t always great. but you’ll get the idea.


another necklace from my gram
brown knit sweater
teal shirt
khaki pants
awesome striped socks
ring: made by me



blazer (gifted from a friend)
white tee
dark grey jeans
black flats
necklace: cinnamon sticks jewelry (2 rings with each boys’ name stamped on the outside) i hung it on the necklace so they can be close to my heart ❤
earrings: made by me
watch: target



knit sweater: old navy
boots: target
necklace: made by me
ring: made by me

the whole skinny jeans with boots thing is still kinda new to me so this is a bit out of my comfort zone. i liked that the sweater is a little baggy so i could sinch it up and have a sort of blousy feel. the basket of laundry behind me needs to be put away.



navy cardi: target
floral blouse and belt: kohl’s
brown pants: old navy
pink flats: ross
necklace: michael’s

another first for me that ended up working itself out. i normally wouldn’t have worn this shirt with the sweater because they are both navy backgrounds but it totally worked when i thought that they might actually compliment each other. using the belt and pants as neutral bases, i tossed on the pink flats (even though they are snake skin pattern and not even the same shade) and felt awesome about my choices.


FRIDAY was a chucks and beatles tee kinda day.


SATURDAY: a road trip out of town with the guys. braided hair and a knit hat. i wore a knit zippered jacket too and jeans and white chucks. simple and comfortable.



on gibson: DC hat, falcon’s shirt and bright green skinny jeans.



hope you all wore something comfortable too!

4 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: jackets and sweaters”

  1. So happy to see your winter outfits. They look good especially Tuesday’s outfit and your hair!! You look pretty in all of them. Love the braids and hat for weekend wear. Keep up the fashion posts!!

    1. Thanks Dawn, I’m trying to keep up. I’m torn between taking pictures whether they are good or bad quality or trying to make more of an effort to get good shots. Sometimes that’s just too much work at the end of the day. =)

    1. Hi Simona! Thanks for taking time to leave me such a sweet message! I am sorta in love with turquoise right now so i think i’ve been wearing it alot! =) you are so cute for pointing that out!

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