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5 things i’m loving right now: february

it’s the weekend and it’s time for a little fun. i’ll be hanging with my girl today and we’re gonna get our music and scrap on while our two train loving boys play and choo-choo their way around our feet. we love ’em tho!

both of my persnickity prints orders came this week which means i have all the pictures to complete 2011 and january 2012. woot! how’s that for awesome-sauce? i’ll be project life’n all through the super bowl too as i holler and hoot and stuff my face with cherry coke, pizza rolls and turkey.

hope everyone out there is planning on some fun of their own. but first, check out my 5 things lately list:


listening to:¬†spotify. specifically my early years playlist. if you’re on spotify, come check out my playlists and i’ll check out yours too!

enjoying: my new flickr pro account. it’s allowing me to store my pics and photos and copy the html code to toss on here so that i’m not uploading for ever to this server and paying a crazy amount of money to keep upgrading my space. a perfect solution and only $25 a year for unlimited space.

eating: spinach & artichoke parmesan dip with parmesan and basil wheat thins. i’m telling you…heat up that dip and it’ll be gone in minutes!

Stonemill Kitchens  Parmesan Artichoke Spinach Dip 30 oz

watching: idol. i know i know. i say i’m not gonna watch it every year but every year it starts and i end up loving it. i’m a music junkie, what can i say?

playing with: my new iPhone. with instagram and picframe and facebook and iBooks and michael’s coupons and wordpress and safari i can barely put it down. plus the case i got for it is super rad.

Rounded Links

what are you enjoying right now?

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