weekly wrap up

week 5 wrap up

day 29 | sunday:

this kid…i swear to you can be the funniest kid on the planet.

still keeping up with fatmumslim‘s #photoaday challenge on instagram

day 29: inside my fridge [grapes, prepped lettuce and cuke, and homemade canned peaches]#janphotoaday #photoaday

waiting in the truck and playing with the camera.


matt got coffee and i got iced tea. yum.

and now that he’s slimmin’ down, he is okay with me taking his picture.



day 30 | monday:

not a good way to start my week. all was fine after this though. phewie!


day 31 | tuesday:

used my $25 of fresh cash at my scrapbook store before it expired.

then took the boys to eat at Chik-fil-a. tuesdays are kid’s night. they have face painting and a balloon man. gibson asked for a laser gun and marshall asked for an airplane (but he wouldn’t let me get a pic here.)


day 32 | wednesday:

tons of work to follow up on and complete. this was my view.
lots of work to get done. my view today. #photoaday #febphotoaday

this was also the day i was planning on going to see my gram after work. she was nearing the end and i hadn’t seen her since we had champagne on new year’s eve. but i got a call from my mom about 9am that she didn’t make it through the night. she was very ready to go home to Jesus. her last 6 months were rough and not how she wanted her end to go down. she was tired of being in that bed and tired of all the poking and prodding. she asked my parents to tell Jesus she was ready. she will be missed.


day 33 | thursday:

gibson’s persuasive writing assignment cracked me up. he must not realize that we have a family laptop that he can use whenever he wants. i guess he just wants his own. he’s got the gift of sellin’ it though. he totally gets that from his daddy.

day 2: words (by Gibson) #febphotoaday #photoaday

i couldn’t have a day prompt of “words” without capturing me and the marsh-man reading. i do not read to him as much as i should. so today, i just felt like sitting with him and enjoying a bunch of books. which you might think is normal, but not for me. we’re a 2-book max team. don’t know why, just choose to do other things with him sometimes. so tonight, i let him pick 5 books from his bookshelf and we just snuggled on the recliner and read. it was pure bliss.


day 33 | friday:

came home to gibson just building away with his logos.
day 3: hands that create #photoaday #febphotoaday


day 34 | saturday:

an all day play date with a dear friend and her son. i think we were all meant to be friends. the way they played together proved that for sure. and of course, i love her so that helps.P2048525

everything they did and played was their own idea. we never had to parent, i mean prompt, them to do anything. they played hide and seek and made a marching band while we worked on project life!



day 35 | sunday:

we all strolled to the park. matt and gibson played some basketball while me and marshall played at the park.
10am #febphotoaday #photoaday


this is what we get when marshall is free to run.


this is what we get before they play one-on-one.

this is what we get when marshall takes the camera.


and this is what we get when marshall is ready to go home.



gibson worked all day on this lollipop. i hope it was worth the $2.29 he paid for it. after lunch we ran a couple errands then came home to vegg and watch the game. i did more project life and will post pics in a new post tomorrow.


how was your week? full of fun i hope!

2 thoughts on “week 5 wrap up”

  1. Hi sweetie, these are awesome pictures for the week. I love love that your doing this weekly, a little glimpse into your fun BOY world. I love that little Marsh man of yours, the one in the park running and happy!! He’s going to break hearts when he’s older. Gibson always looks COOL in his photos, love that!! Matt looks great and so do you in your picture from Marshall.

    I have to ask what is in the jars in your fridge?? Something homemade and yummy I bet!! I like all the goodies you got for $25 that is awesome. Jealous that your weather is warm enough for shorts. That is so good you read with Marshall, keep it up you will be glad you did while he’s young. Remember how I’m reading to Sam now at bedtime, he is loving it and he’s reading better already and interested in books now. I read alllllll the time with my girls like ALL DAY EVERYDAY but skipped right over Sam because i was busy and he was a boy and liked to just run and be loud so he’s never loved reading or even liked books. So I’m beyond happy that I finally started and how well we are doing.

    Sorry about your grandma, good that she’s in peace now and nobody poking her. HUGS!!!!!

    Have a good week!

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