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take twelve | the eleven edition

have you seen these photo challenges around the blog-o-sphere? some have done 10 on 10 like this awesome blog i read daily or the  take twelve series from

well…being the rebel that i am, i decided to take 11 pictures on the 11th. (psst…really it was just because i couldn’t easily take a photo an hour at work and i knew i’d get so much cool stuff on a saturday.) rebel or not, i love the idea of the random snapshot at hour intervals. you wanna see what we were up to last weekend?

8am: laundry



9am: cleaning up marshall’s room



10am: cleaning behind the tv and installing the new blu-ray player



11am: utilized an old tv stand for our bottles and some snacks since we don’t have a pantry



12pm: dishes



1pm: naptime (well, almost)



2pm: coloring



3pm: shows (Mike the Knight, specifically)



4pm: the new do. thinner and lighter with more layers.



5pm: loving the band perry



6pm: angry birds


so as you can also tell, i’ve kinda been obsessed with pictures lately. my drive and motivation for the craftier side of life is just hanging out somewhere else right now. it’s only temporary though. no need to freak out.

so i hope you’re okay with all the pics…

enjoy your weekend!


4 thoughts on “take twelve | the eleven edition”

  1. hello my photo loving friend, so very happy to see your photos, ALL THE TIME AND ANYTIME!!

    what a cool idea to take them every hour, hadn’t thouht of that. usually mine are just my fave for the day but next time I will do it this way. you had a great Sat., love the pictures for them all. Your hair looks wonderful, love the layers and the color. your colorful dishes made me smile.

    I have a new computer and am still learning my way around it but hope to show pics soon on my blog. Happy Friday to you!!

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