weekly wrap up

week 7 wrap up

monday | feb 13:

love my casual jean jacket

day 13: blue (my favorite jean jacket) #febphotoaday #photoaday

tuesday | feb 14:

i realize it was valentine’s day but matt had a ton of work to do and i wanted to get the kids out of the house so he could work quietly. we headed over to the bounce palace and for $15, these kids bounced their little hearts out. and the best part was that from 4:30 to 6:00 we had the whole place to ourselves. i even got my bounce on too!

after bouncing, we went to eat at Chik-fil-A because i was craving it like a mad-woman. yes…i drive 25 minutes to eat there. thankfully they are finally building one in our town. maybe it’s not so good. =)

we gave the boys their v-day buckets and mama got snuggles.




cute shirt i bought for marshall’s v-day gift.

day 14: heart (a new shirt I found for Marshall) #photoaday #febphotoaday

wednesday | feb 15:

took the day off because matt haaaad to go up to Incline Village for work. gorgeous view, right? yeah, i’m a little jealous that this is work for him. lucky dog.

i went up to my Gram’s house to help my mom clean out her closets. found some real treasures in there. i also had to take pictures of the piano she left to me. i am faced with a major dilemma: i do not have room for it. but i’ve wanted it since i was a little girl. my Gram has had this piano since 1959 and this is the piano my mom played growing up. Gram was a music teacher and choir director at her church. music was her life. the piano is more of a part of her than anything else on this earth. so i guess you can say it’s important to me. i am so torn up inside about it. how can i just sell it? what can i get rid of in this house so i can make room for it? it’s nearly impossible to do that in this 1000 square foot house of ours. i swear…in 1 year we will probably be in a new house that would have plenty of room for this gem. i have a feeling i’m going to regret selling it. but what choice do i have? must pray on it some more.


i know you guys have seen my phone case once or twice.

day 15: phone (love my #cuptakes iPhone case) #febphotoaday #photoaday

thursday | feb 16:

some of the treasures i found in gram’s closet.

day 16: something new (vintage clothes from my Gram that are new for me) #photoaday #febphotoaday

bought a new pair of sunnies.

friday | feb 17:

this outfit has been in my style and fashion pinboard for a month now. been dying to try my own version.

i got brave. what do you think?


#febphotoaday was time. this is when i get home. favorite time of the day.

day 17: time (getting off work on friday is the best, especially when it's a 3-day weekend) #febphotoaday #photoaday

saturday | feb 18:

today was my gram’s memorial service. i took some snapshots throughout the day.

gibson and my niece. they are 8 months apart.

in honor of my gram, i found some vintage silhouette pieces at michael’s to make a necklace to wear to her service.

this sunset pretty much tells the story of the day. even with all the darkness and clouds, there is always a light that is bright enough to shine through. you just have to look.

sunday | feb 19:

O.M.G. we bought a truck! eeeeekkk! we have wanted this exact car for like a decade now. every time we find one, we can never fully commit to it. something just always keeps us from closing the deal. until last night. matt found a great deal so we went that evening to look at it. neither of us wanted to leave it there but we decided to sleep on it. the dealership opened at 10:00 and we arrived at 10:01, ready to sign.

it’s so pretty and it roars. it roars and makes my heart melt.

the temp says 54 degrees…but it felt more like 66. i started off doodling at the kitchen table when marshall went down for his nap but the sunshine called for me. i dropped the pen and picked up my new embroidery project and headed out back. i let the sun soak my feet with warmth and it was the absolute best thing for my soul.

how about a little sneak at one of the three new stitchery project i have up my sleeve.

A little project I'm working on

day 19: something I hate to do #photoaday #febphotoaday

well that’s about it folks. it was kind of a monster of a week. a lot going on with us and i am enjoying it all.

hope you had a great week too!

5 thoughts on “week 7 wrap up”

  1. I’m sorry about the piano! My mom has moved ten million times the past few years, with the death of her mother, trying to forge two-three homes into one she has to sacrifice a lot. Its not easy. Can the piano maybe hang out in your garage for a bit? Keep it covered to hopefully keep the gunk out of it. I hope you find your answer 🙂

    1. Allie you are a genius! My parents scared me about it having to be so protected and not against an outside wall that I thought there was no hope. But they were here when I got your comment and they said it would be okay in the garage if it was covered! Thank you Allie for printing me to ask! I get to keep it now!!!!!

      Andrea Gray [Sent from my iPhone]

  2. Hello my cool styling friend, you totally rocked that outfit!!! Good for you finding something to match that image you wanted, love love it!!

    So sorry about your grandma’s piano but read above that you get to keep it, so happppy for you!!

    That last photo of you is so pretty, love the angle and your new sunnies!!


    The sweetest pics are of you and your handsome boys, love them!

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful week of photos

  3. Good i’m glad it worked out!!! I know I would be so upset if we had to get rid of something so special. maybe after you move and take it out of the garage maybe have it checked out and tuned up again incase the humidity got to it. I’m not sure what kind of humidity you get in cali, but I know in florida its bad!

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