retrohipmama style: getting crazzi wit’ it

i’m typically not brave enough to wear something like this. or am i? honestly, she does look amazing and i look like a knock-off. but hey…i didn’t over think my outfit and totally wore it to work on friday!

tights with jeans and heels? i'll try it!






my gram’s memorial service. she didn’t want us in mourning so i chose not to wear all black. i found a couple of pieces at michael’s that i knew that they would be perfect for today. the medallion and the chain were separate but totally worked out. the ring…my goodness the ring. swoon. gram would have loved them!

SUNDAY: just a lazy day at home in the sun. can you tell i’ve had some sun from that cheesy smile. it makes me so happy! pardon the mirror…i think i have already said i need to clean it. boy…i suck at housecleaning sometimes.

i’ll be linking up to real momma, real style and the pleated poppy.


6 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: getting crazzi wit’ it”

  1. Is there anything you don’t look cute in???!!! Seriously even on your relaxed days your still sooooo cute!! Love the first outfit and you totally rocked it. How sweet to wear those pieces for your grandma, she would love them and that you did that. Cute cute on a relaxed day, love when you wear hats!!

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