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doodled goal list | a pinterest project

this pin found me. i certainly wasn’t looking for a to-do list while i was pinning like a mad-woman on a friday night. (because yes, pinning is what i enjoy most about friday nights. besides unsetting my alarm.)

anyhoo…i wasn’t looking for a doodle project or another list…but cornflower blue studios‘ rotating goal list left me no choice. this project became my number one priority. well, after i fed my kids of course. she gives detailed instructions on making one yourself too. a true tutorial!

rotating goal list

and here is my version.

at work, i’m getting an office to share with my counterpart. YAY! and with this change, i’d like to try to keep focused. my vision for this was to help motivate me, make me smile and keep me on task. this will definitely do all those things. and it’s pretty!




some deets about this project:

i used 11×14 poster board that i had on hand.
doodled in pencil. erased frequently. finished with black pen.
the only think i traced were the stars. everything else is drawn by hand.
i worked on it in spurts between saturday morning and sunday afternoon.
every step of the measuring and placing and sketching made me as happy as a bird with a french fry.

what makes you happy like this? we all need that thing that can take us out of any funk. for me, it varies. but it always includes music.

happiness to you!


4 thoughts on “doodled goal list | a pinterest project”

  1. LOVE this! What a great idea. :0) Music always makes me happy too! And getting “photo-therapy”, running out to snap pictures of His creation gives me a peace I can’t explain. :0) PS: I miss checking your blog! Your sunshiney and wonderful self always cheers me right up! I gotta be better about checking you out. ;0)

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