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week 10 wrap up

10 weeks! it feels like twenty twelve has been chugging along nicely…how about you? life is good (mostly) for the grays.

here’s a (sorta) quick recap of our week.

sunday | march 4

fill’er up. this could take awhile…it’s a big tank!

i brought the boys up to my Gram’s for probably the last time. we had a few more things to go through and i needed to be here again.

i needed to see this.


he needed to do this.


i needed to snap this.


we needed to walk this.


she needed to hug them.


so did i.


they’ll need each other when it’s their turn to say goodbye.


and we needed some fun.

don’t want to start out with a downer attitude. but all-in-all…the day was wonderful! we fed the ducks and i look a couple hundred pics. the boys ran and hammered and hollered. it was a good way to end that week.

monday | march 5

happy to have captured a true smile from gibson instead of the usual smirk.

day 5: smile

this, my friends is what happens when mr. marsh-man grabs my camera.


tuesday | march 6

he’s gonna be a man’s man. already makin’ friends at the barbershop.

day 6: 5pm (my little man at the barbershop) #photoaday #marchphotoaday

ah…i love not having to be the one to cut his hair anymore. so much better methinks.

wednesday | march 7

#marchphotoaday for day 7 was something you wore. since i take pics of my outfits all the time…i wanted to snap something else. thankfully i wore cute makeup today.

day 7: something I wore (eyeliner and mascara) #marchphotoaday #photoaday

thursday | march 8

the sun shining right through my window as we all drove to chik-fil-a for a cheating dinner. i love my waffle fries and cherry coke. if loving chik-fil-a is wrong…i don’t wanna be right.

day 8: looking out the window #photoaday #marchphotoaday

i got…my man…who could ask for anything more?

friday | march 9

drove to my folks’ house to celebrate my papi’s birthday. i don’t talk about my daddy much…he’s a bit of a private guy. but he is THE MOST kind and loving daddy who i could have ever been blessed with. and the best and most amazing part is that he chose me.
as you can tell…we don’t look alike. he adopted me when i was 13, about 3 years after he married my mom. my bio-dad was a drunk and non-existent vagabond and they didn’t want me with him if anything happened to my mom. my dad was already taking care of me full time, paying for school pictures, clothing me, feeding me and attending father-daughter school functions with me. he was that guy already, just without the legal bond. so we all decided adoption would be the best idea. i could have the same last name as him, my mom and my sister (his daughter from another marriage who was only 35 days older than me). we were already bonded as a family, but my dad likes to do things right. i don’t call him my step-dad or my adopted dad, or my mom’s husband. he’s my daddy-0, my papi. and i’m his kid, his little girl. not every girl gets a second chance at a good daddy…so i’m not taking my second chance for granted.

me and my daddy-o. feeling very blessed to have been picked by him.

gibson and my niece, mia, are only 8 months apart. i love their bond. their squabbles. and their craziness.

real men build fires…in very safe fire pits.

so we can warm our chilly toes.

puttin' my feet to the fire.

daddy is listening to my other niece and nephew sing him happy birthday from texas.

and of course we can’t leave town without chips and salsa from our favorite mexican restaurant. perfect for the #marchphotoaday.

day 9: red (yummy chips and salsa from our fave Mexican restaurant)

saturday | march 10

love spending the day with tawnya and greyson. we are friends to the end and the two of them are best buds.

what a funny coincidence that today’s #marchphotoaday is LOUD. um…i think we got that covered.

day 10: LOUD #marchphotoaday #photoaday

with no nap and a full day of playing, this was marshall by 6pm. watching a show with the fluffster.

and this was marshall by 7pm

another great week that flew by.
another wonderful set of days strung together with memories.
another week ahead of us with so much life.

hugs and smiles.


6 thoughts on “week 10 wrap up”

  1. Hi there girlfriend, love love the photos from your grandma, so glad you went back again. Would love to visit that place, looks so calm and peaceful.

    You’ve had a busy, fun week! Great pictures of everything. Happy Birthday to your dad, love the story of you two. We are all lucky to have good men in our lives.

    Thanks for sharing these with us and making my morning!

    1. Ain’t it the truth about our good men? What a world they make for us. Grams place is truly peaceful…it will be a hard reality when it sells. But the memories are thick. Hope your week is good so far!

      Sent from my iPad

  2. i love reliving your weeks with you .. 🙂 i love the way you go about snapping your snippets of life. and you are always, always, so uplifting.. even when you are talking about difficult subjects. it’s inspiring ya know 😉

  3. Okay, this one was a lil emotional.. I love the way you love and the bond that you have with your daddy is incredible! Totally made me get misty eyed, but it doesn’t take much lol! You made beautiful memories!

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