retrohipmama style: some new threads

not exactly sure how i ended up with a bunch of new things to wear but i did and man it helps with the winter blues.

i didn’t have a chance to post outfits last week so we’re getting a double dose this week.


tops: black 3/4 i’ve had it forever, crazy pattern shirt i found at ross
black skirt: another piece i’ve had for years
teal tights: target on clearance and the last pair in my size. SCORE!
boots: target
earrings: old navy






remember this little slice of reality? when i bought these jeans and they didn’t exactly fit. just a liiiiiitle too tight. so after a few weeks of eating well, eliminating coke and getting my butt on the treadmill………………………..
sometimes it takes a pair of hot pink skinny jeans to get motivated.

I FIT INTO THE PINK SKINNIES! sweet sweet victory!




i just love when outfits come together on a whim. i picked up this button up from old navy on clearance and i wasn’t sure how i’d wear it. i just knew i was drawn to it. at only $8, it was worth the risk and shoot, i could just return it if it didn’t work out.

at first, i realized the flowers on the print were slightly outlined in grey so i pulled out my grey wideleg cords. i had the shirt untucked but it didn’t flow right. it’s got a feminine cut but it needed something. so i tucked it in and cruised my belt drawer. this neutral belt always comes in handy. the red in the shirt isn’t super prominent but adding the red shoes really showed it off, don’t you think?
the final touch was when i realized my gram’s cream necklace was the perfect accessory to pull it all together.


another clearance score from old navy was this babydoll type top. paired with white cords and a navy cardi…it was cumfy and cute. with rain all week, i’m wearing my hair back alot but im loving the messy low bun lately…so i’m just flyin’ with it!

i’m excited for warmer weather so i can wear this top with a bright yellow cardi to pull those little flowers out.


after picking up a new pair of wedges from payless (on sale of course), the rain wouldn’t stop me from wearing them today.

LOVE THEM SO MUCH…i wanna wear them everyday!

Womens American EagleWomen's Miles Espadrille Wedge


a little work related art project today and i wanted to be comfy. it’s still raining, btw. but it was warm enough to take off my hoodie.

i also just realized that a year ago this week, was my very first fashion post. if i can manage to get my stuff together, i’d love to do a year in review post and take a trip back in time to see what i’ve worn and how i’ve learned from all the fashionista bloggers that have inspired me.

but for now…i’m just trying to make sure my kids are fed.

peace out ya’ll!


Momma Go Round


2 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: some new threads”

  1. Hey sweetie,

    This made me smile all the way thru, it’s been about a year now that we’ve known each other. TIME FLIES!! I’m so happy I found your blog and YOU!!

    Ok these outfits are all amazing and you look so dang pretty in each one. I think the first one might be my fave but gotta love those new pink skinny’s on you, WAY TO GO GIRL!! KEEP IT UP!! That flower top from Old Navy is something I’d wear, sweet!!

    So glad your posting these and a YEAR IN REVIEW WOULD BE FUN FUN FUN!!!

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