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meal planning made easy

when i had my dumb flip phone, i thought i’d never need a smart phone.
when i got my blackberry i was in love. head over heals. stuck like chuck.
but the iphone. the iphone changed my life.

easier access to emails and internet and pictures and apps and organization and convenience and texts. if you have an iphone…this is no secret to you.

the same is true for my ipad. only less on-the-go.

but my ipad is good for so much else. i regularly use it in the kitchen when making something from a recipe. which got me thinking. maybe there’s an app for planning my meals. i just bought a ton of food and wanted to make sure it all gets used. after i downloaded a couple free apps that didn’t really do what i wanted, it hit me…THE CALENDAR. i mean, we eat dinner at the same time every night. why couldn’t i schedule dinner and what’s on the menu?


i’m loving how this is working…come one…check out how i did it!

i created a new calendar in the cloud called menu and labeled it purple.

i added a new event and named it the dinner title. gave it a start and end time, a and a reminder for an hour before. scrolling down…i categorized it under meals. and wait…here’s the best part. i added the web address to the recipe for the night. i won’t have to search for it 10 minutes before dinner and i know i already have the ingredients. GENIUS!

now my dinners for the week are here, in one spot. actually not one spot. since i’m in the cloud…the menu and reminders are on my iphone too!

so today, as i left the office at 4, i got the reminder that tonight we were having sandwiches and roasted cauliflower. and look…there’s the recipe for the cauliflower.

i don’t think i will ever write a menu down on a paper calendar again. as i try to eliminate paper and junk and piles from my life…this just seems right. this works.

so what works for you? do you have a phone or tablet that has a calendar feature? would you switch to a digital  menu planner?

let me know what you do and how it works!


5 thoughts on “meal planning made easy”

  1. smart idea!! I cant wait to have an iphone, getting one in a few months! I need to come up with a menu planner, bc so much food goes wasted! wanna come to florida and help me organize my life?? lol have a nice wednesday!

    1. Oh Allie, you are going to LOVE your iPhone! Are you counting down the days? Lol! If you have any kind of phone with a calendar, you can still use this planning method. And yes, I would love to come hang with ya! Now if I could just find that money tree….hmmmmm. Haha! Talk to ya soon love! Hugs!

      Andrea Gray [Sent from my iPhone]

  2. I’ve been using Wunderkit to do kind of the same thing, albeit not in calendar format, but it works for me! I also use Wunderkit for grocery lists, bills, and to keep my blog thoughts organized. It’s free – – and it has an app! Gotta love digital organizing!!

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