photography, take twelve

take twelve | april

thankful for my calendar that reminded me about take twelve today. i was excited that i had my phone so i could take pics during my day at work. last month i was at home, which was awesome.

so here’s how my 12th went down:

7am: waiting for my tea to brew so i can throw it over ice.


8am: the updates on my computer are almost done.


9am: home for an early lunch to hang with marsh while matt went to gibson’s school to film his morning stand up act for the talent show.

marshall has a snack on his “floor bed”.


gibson’s stand-up routine that i recorded during his evening performance.

10am: laundry.


11am: lunch. turkey and cheese rollups + tomato and green onions with cottage cheese.


12pm: another ice water fill up.


1pm: getting some work done. health benefits are sooooooo exciting.


2pm: claims and all their damn codes drive me nuts. thankfully i don’t have to do them too much anymore.


3pm: a quick break in the lounge to set my mind right for the last hour of my day.


4pm: time to start another 3-day weekend.


5pm: in-n-out. and what better way to start the day then with burgers and fries.


6pm: train time!


the calendar is set for the 12th of may. hopefully i can find some more interesting things to snap.



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