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week 15 wrap up

monday | april 9: making room in the garage for the piano, (which is being delivered today). and i found my old architecture plans from high school. i took drafting and architecture in all 4 years of high school and can’t seen to part with all my drawings. IMG_1881smaller

i also ran across this gem.

day 9: a younger me circa 1990 # #photoaday #photoadayapril

it’s becoming quite the exciting day. i got my new cuptakes phone case!!!! my new #cuptakes iPhone case is here! love that my phone gets a new look every now and then.

it’s here! it’s here!


gibson immediately wanted to play something. somehow, he thought of Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance and was testing it out. he couldn’t quite get the sounds but then i remembered i had my iPod and speakers in the garage. so we played it and gibson listened and played until he found the right notes. IMG_1914smaller

within 30 minutes of practicing, we recorded what he had…..

tuesday | april 10: my idea of seeing the light amongst the darkness. IMG_1951smaller

wednesday | where i eat breakfast. 5 days a week. day 11: where I eat breakfast (usually at my desk. usually something better than a bagel) #photoadayapril #photoaday #picframe #camera+

thursday | april 12: stairs as i’m leaving work. day 12: stairs (leaving work) #photoaday #photoadayapril

the many faces of the gibber. love this kid. the many faces...

why oh why is he so darn cute?


friday | april 13: heading to my folks’ for a garage sale prepping, project life scrapping, grandkids, kids and parents sleepover. the rain pelted us for most of the drive but ocassionally we saw this out of the window. IMG_2027smaller

gibson spotted this keyboard that also belonged to my gram and asked if he could play it before we put it out for the garage sale. that was when my mom asked him if he’s want to take it home. the only stipulation for me was that it had to have a headphone plug-in. aaaand it does. IMG_2029smaller

we also uncovered my old trumpet and flute. everyone got a turn! IMG_2040smaller

i spent two years being forced into playing enjoying the flute in 3rd and 4th grade. kinda sad to have seen it go.


abuelo is teaching marshall how to play sorry. i love that now the 4 of us can play together. IMG_2051smaller

my mom had a stack of old pictures on a chair and this little nugget was at the bottom. i’m blessed that i had this family. mixed and blended didn’t even matter. it was perfect, even when it wasn’t.

day 13: something I found (family photo circa 1989) #photoadayapril #photoaday #photoshake

abundant sunshine sounds like perfect weather for a garage sale. Untitled

finally decided to go to bed at 12:45am. so we brushed and gibson thought a picture was a good idea.


the yard looked like this ALL DAY. since 7am it was constantly full of people. thankful for tawnya and nana for bringing their stuff and helping us sell it. by 10am, we had sold more than half of what we started with. when we were done, i filled up the back of my yukon and took it to the store house. IMG_2062smaller

gibson made this sign, with arrows on both sides, pointing in different directions depending on which side of the street he was on. this kid pulled in a ton of traffic. when he was done, he let marshall and greyson wave people in. Untitled IMG_2065smaller

where would i be without her? IMG_2066smaller

this is our attempt at getting them to take a nap. marshall said he was tired and greyson didn’t want to be without him. so they may not have slept but they were quiet enough for a little bit. IMG_2067smaller

loot. after selling a tv, my wedding dress, 2 strollers, tons of toys and video games, clothes, a a vacuum, i walked away with $200! success! Untitled

such a bright and sunny day. IMG_2074smaller

but it’s time to say goodbye.


and head to my sister’s house to celebrate my niece’s first birthday. her big sis and i wear the same size shoes and happen to have the same shoes on. she’s 11 and clearly has great style! IMG_2076smaller

there’s the birthday girl…chewin’ on a rib bone. IMG_2085smaller

everyone loves cake.


and every abeulo needs a little helper to take stuff to the car. IMG_2090smaller

my boy and his wild ways.


the back roads home are simply gorgeous. IMG_2093smaller

but apparently i’m the only one who’s enjoying it. IMG_2094smaller

looking back at a wonderful weekend. IMG_2101smaller

i’m feeling like a lot of change is present and on the horizon. this kinda says it all…

To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.  ~Henri Bergson


2 thoughts on “week 15 wrap up”

  1. What a fun weekend you had, great job at the garage sale. Love that Gibson will be playing some muisic in your house now. My oldest just bought Renee a keyboard for her bday in Feb. it didn’t come with a manual on how to use it, so it’s sitting there and she bangs aways some days on it.
    How awesome that you have your blueprints from school, you can build your dream house girlfriend!! Cute picture of you in your young days and the family one also.
    I can’t believe Gibson stayed up so late, ot sure if Sam could make it past 11, sweet photo of you two brushing your teeth though, love that one.
    Great shots of all the scenery around you.

    Thanks for sharing another wonderful week of ;your family!

  2. Even though I was there for most of this week, it still makes me smile and lol to reflect back 🙂 XO~ T

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