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backyard pinterest projects

it’s about time i clean up the mess that the winter has made of my unlandscaped, and therefore, very unkempt backyard.

a time consuming and labor intensive project that usually brings my mom up to help (she loves it, trust me). but they’re leaving in their 5th wheel and driving from cali to texas to see my big bro and his family so this big project is on us.

and i have big plans this year.

like an actual patio.



and a canopy to we can have some shade.

creating canopies - on a quest to use our far back yard in the heat of summer


and vintage accents.

red & turquoise


and something cute painted on a little white table and bench i have.

wall art made from pallets


and planting pretties in some old wooden plum boxes that i found in my gram’s rafters.

Wooden box planter.


so apparently i have some work cut out for me. one of which has been completed already and i can’t wait to show you!

stay tuned!



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