retrohipmama style: spring style

i love this weather. couldn’t be more perfect for shopping in the fun section of my closet.

check it yo.

linen flower print tank from old navy + skinny jeans and white flip-flops. yes, this is a bathroom, didn’t have another opportunity and the light in here is okay.


all black with a pop of purple.


brown and yellow. love this combo!


another vintage hair day. i did pin curls and a pinup wave for my bangs, then pinned one side behind my ear.


can’t get over how much i have used my navy flats. who knew i had so much navy in my wardrobe?


super cute boho style shoes from target, just happens to match a fabric flower clip i made last year. and they are super comfortable!


easy summer dress and sweater combo. the brown belt pulls it all together.


what did you wear this week? i bet you looked great!


Momma Go RoundĀ  Ā pleated poppy


7 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: spring style”

  1. Andrea,
    This is my favorite favorite fashion post of yours yet!! You look so happy and pretty in all these outfits and pictures!! What a great job you did on all these self pictures, love them!!
    I tried to pick a favorite but can’t they are all too good!!

    1. Thanks love! I felt so good about each outfit and that kinda happened day after day! Sometimes I really plan an outfit with the hair and when I mean I plan, I mean I just pick it out and decide. Not much effort goes into it. šŸ™‚ thank goodness right or I’d be planning all day long!

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