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take twelve | may

my 12th day of may went a little something like this:

snuggles (well, more like giggles) with gibson.

7am: this is what I get for asking Gibson to take a pic #take12 to


8am: dishes #take12

marshall had a lot of late nights this week so he was super cranky and grumpy. sometimes he just likes to chill out on his bed. 9am: Marshall is tired and cranky from a lot of late nights this week. #take12

yay! i get to go on a date with my guy. lunch and a movie!

10am: getting ready for an afternoon date with the hubby. #take12

waiting for our wonderful babysitter to arrive. she’s not late…don’t worry.

11am: waiting for our fabulous sitter. #take12

mango iced tea with lunch. cheers!

12pm: mango iced tea with my guy. #take12

just one of our tickets to see Avengers in 3D IMAX. we’ve waited so long to see this…i am excited beyond excited!

1pm: AVENGERS!!! #take12

no pics during the movie, i was IN THAT MOVIE so i wasn’t thinking about pictures. i did however take this lovely picture of the marks the glasses made on my face.

4pm: oh my goodness, the 3D glasses left crazy marks on my face. But totally worth it! #take12

our first trip to the new green acres. it’s all sorts of fabulous in there.

5pm: I could spend all day here! #take12

then marsh played with his robot. we really know how to party up in here.

6pm: mr. roboto #take12

and that’s that folks.

see ya next month!



1 thought on “take twelve | may”

  1. great pictures for the week, yea for date movie!! Rich took the kids to see that and the LOVED it!! Gibson is funny and Marshall is cute even when grumpy. Love the red clock!

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