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retrohipmama style: still at it

what a week, but hey, at least i looked good!

monday: client meeting

crappy pic but if you can see through the glare, you’ll see a handmade necklace, cute makeup and a skirt that makes me feel pretty.Untitled

tuesday: vintage picnic

just felt good to wear this on a hot day. blue tank and navy flip-flops from old navy.


thursday: picture day

i volunteered my camera skills to take pics of my office mates for our new email signatures.


friday: beachy boho

new earrings from r.h.i jewelry! could they be more perfect with my new slip-ons from target?


saturday: date day!

having lunch and seeing a movie with my guy. hot pink skinnies from old navy and some plain black flip-flops and top. another new accessory from r.h.i. is this fabulous ring.


sunday: mom’s day

found this super cute dress at walmart for $13. it’s kind of amazing. the best part of today’s outfit was the absence of done hair and makeup.


what did you wear? i bet you looked great!


Momma Go Round   pleated poppy


3 thoughts on “retrohipmama style: still at it”

  1. you are SOOO cute and apparently i need to stop by more. i’m sorry for not {been so busy with work clients & hosting issues last month that i fell off the face of the earth, or so it seems} — but i LOVE your new design!

  2. Hi Sweetie, finally catching up on your posts, have missed them all week but waited till I wasn’t so tired. The outfits all ROCK and you are so pretty, even in no make-up and undone hair!! The collages you do now are my favorite, fun way to see all the little peeks of your outfit. Hooray for new jewlery and shoes! Feels like summer is here to stay, YEA!!

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