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week 20 – 21 wrap up | two, two, two weeks in one

one thing that’s really important when you blog is an internet connection.
since i was having some major issues in that department, no blog posts from me this week.

so today folks, you get two, two, two weeks in one!

monday | may 14:

#photoadayMAY is grass. i’m working on it…some parts are so bad…others are pure grass.

may 14: grass #photoaday #photoadaymay #camera+ #phonto

tuesday | may 15:

today’s pic is LOVE. i love him and he loves his fluffy dog. thanks to camera+ for the awesome filters and to phonto for the cool fonts.

may 15: love (between a boy and his fluffy dog) #photoadaymay #phonto #camera+ #photoaday #

a chik-fil-a night.


and a chocolate shake night.


and then it’s extreme hammock time.


wednesday | may 16:

from facebook: OMG OMG OMG!!!!!! Just got the best news EVER! A spot opened up for the Jr. K class and Marshall is in!! Seriously… excited I could scream! =)

Yep, marsh got into Jr. K! both boys will be at brand new schools this year. the beginning of marshall’s formal education and the beginning of middle school for gibson. it’s certainly been and will continue to be a year of growth.

this boy needed a serious haircut. and of course, i get the silly face.


and marshall needed a tunnel.


and matt cooked us a fabulous meal.


this boy loves his steak and shrimp!


gibson got his yearbook today and he read it for the rest of the night.

may 16: he got his 5th grade yearbook tonight #photoaday #camera+ #phonto #photoadaymay

a quick run to target and i got to see this gorgeous sky.


thursday | may 17:

my strawberries are still growing in the cinder blocks from this post here. they don’t grow in numbers, but they are so sweet and juicy.


friday | may 18:

gibson made this cute little lego character. looks like a cross between a duck and wall-e.

then he let marshall play with it and after awhile, marshall yells to him… “hey gibson! i haven’t broken your lego yet!”


and something i made. still one of my favorite pieces. that logo was so much fun!

may 18: something I made (miss stitching regularly. must resume promptly) #photoadaymay #photoaday #phonto #embroidery #cocacola

matt took marshall to the park today. marshall’s waving “HI MOM!”



these are my weeds. i must have some kind of love for them because i can’t seen to find the time to get rid of them. these dandelions are as high as my chest. that is a full fence back there. how in the heck did they grow so big? yikes!


i got an unexpected hour alone tonight while gibson was in his acting class. i rolled the windows down, turned the radio up and pushed my seat back. i filed and painted my nails and then read my latest BHG on my iPad. it was pure bliss. then this little guy came to hang out on my mirror. he pecked his head a little too much fro my comfort so i rolled the window up until he flew away.


saturday | may 19: 

a nice bike ride around the hood with the boys.



then i spent the rest of the day working on project life. i almost finished march but ran out of time.

Remnants of a fun #projectlife saturday.

i may not be 6 anymore, but this is still one of my favorite snacks.

WIDN: eating a snack, listening to feel good playlist in spotify and working on #projectlife while littles nap and play. Tagged by @scrapinbabygal . @aimeeski @j3ndos @acharmed1 @kristylynn79 @kristanlynn

#photoadayMAY today is something you can’t live without. naturally, people pick their kids or spouse and that’s just obvious in my book so i began to think about what would kill me if it was erased from my life. it took no time at all to realize it would be music. duh.

may 20: something I can't live without. no joke. #photoaday #photoadaymay #music

sunday | may 21:

HE CAN FINALLY SWING! we’ve been working on this for weeks! he’s been more comfortable flying on his tummy but i think he finally gets the rhythm of pumping his legs. WOOOHOOOO!


we also were excited about the solar eclipse. we got some fun shadow pictures.




so i learned that the shape of the eclipse will reflect off the camera’s filter. do you see the little pink moon shape in the top right? that’s the point of eclipse at that time.


here’s another pic, about 30 minutes later. see how it’s changed?


i don’t see the same little reflection in this pic but it’s cool either way.


after the day was over…i treated myself to a little bit of nostalgia. a .99 apple pie and vanilla ice cream. heck. freaking. yes.


monday | may 22: 

where i stand is today’s #photoadayMAY. i like to think that if i water the grass in my marriage, the grass will always be green.

may 21: where I stand #photoadaymay #phonto #photoaday

matt ordered me one of my favorite flicks and it arrived today. now i have to wait all week to watch it. pure torture!

Hello Saturday scrapping movie. I will enjoy the heck outta you when Marshall naps! #ihaveanawesomehubby

a really fun snack or side dish. i’ve always loved tomatoes + cottage cheese but adding green onions just makes it a hundred times yummier. of course, you can’t forget the freshly ground pepper and sea salt.


gibson brought home this gem. can you spot the hilariousness? i’ll start: intelligent is spelled wrong. he says it’s irony. 😉

it's a game of count the funnies. #mykidishilarious

he is pretty awesome though, so he gets major point for that.


i think this is what he’ll look like for a good part of the summer. he’s a mincraft guy right now.


and now…i would like to introduce you to:

captain bubble beard.


tuesday | may 23:

there are a million things i planned on snapping for today’s #photoadayMAY. PINK was the word and i have no shortage of pink in my life. but when tawnya came back from lunch, she brought me a super yummy and PINK surprise. it’s a good thing i thought about taking the picture before i scarfed the whole thing down.

may 22: pink! #photoaday #photoadaymay #phonto

wednesday | may 24:

took the boys for pizza and ice cream so matt could have some quiet editing time.


gibson got this blue light and he’s been having some fun with it.


just waitin’. and wishin’. and prayin’. and hopin’.


finally, the pizza’s here!



then it’s ice cream! and thrifty’s is THE BEST old school ice cream in town. served at rite aid (since thrifty’s doesn’t exist anymore).

Best. Ice cream. Ever.

cotton candy for gibson and vanilla for marshall. they are soooo predictable.


mint chocolate chip for me…it’s the best!


thursday | may 25:


i’ve been able to tide myself over with dancing with the stars but nothing compares to this show. it’s my all time favorite show on and always will be. it beats out LOST and Roseanne and even Firefly and American Dream. it’s kinda my thing.

may 24: a NEW season starts tonight! #photoadaymay #photoaday #sytycd

gibson’s class went on their annual field trip to the pool, then followed up his day by swimming at a friend’s house. he was out on the couch!


friday | may 26:

while gibson was in his comedy class, me and marshall hit up mcd’s. gotta admit that the fries are still good.


and for the #photoadayMAY: unusual…this weather. we had some strange stormy weather move in.


saturday | may 27:

it rained.


sunday | may 28:

marshall snapped this one of me while i fell asleep on his bed while playing with him.

apparently it was exciting play!


i did finally get my act together and made some muffins…


and brownies…

and turkey chili.


oh…and salami and cream cheese rolls! marsh helped!


then we spent the rest of the day outside. filled up the new pools for the first time!


and out of 30 pics i snapped, i did get one good one.


so that was our last two weeks…hope you don’t mind me throwing it all out at you!

what did you do this week??



4 thoughts on “week 20 – 21 wrap up | two, two, two weeks in one”

  1. I agree with Kristy, you make the everyday extra special and always find soemthing to write about. So glad there’s two weeks here today, just what I need before an early bedtime. Love so many of these, Gibson and his yearbook, the yummy food, goofy faces, crazy/beautiful sky, the bird at the window, marshall’s pic of you sleeping is soooo sweet, HOORAY FOR MARSHALL GOING TO SCHOOL!! Thanks for sharing all these little bits of happiness in your days with us.

    We had less busy weeks but still good weeks, I just post my PL today for the last 3 weeks, had to catch up. Try to stop and read when you can!!
    Only 6 more days till summer break for us, how many more days for you guys?

    1. Thank you Dawn, I can’t wait to catch up on your PL, its been too long! Gibson has his promotion ceremony tomorrow and then one more day. It’s their water play day so it’s all fun for the last day of school! Summer is here!

      Sent from my iPad

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