drea lately



listening to: alabama shakes, awolnation, fun., and the black keys. all these bands are in my it’s new…and i like it playlist on spotify…check it out!

watching: so you think you can dance. have i mentioned it’s my #1 show of the year? trying to catch up on hart of dixie and parks and rec before our summer shows start.

looking forward to: big brother. falling skies. bike rides as a family (we just ordered our 4-bike carrier for the yukon.) my upcoming end of july vacation. 12 full days away from the office! gibson is heading to a week of camping with my parents and then right to a math and science summer camp. he’s going to have a blast…literally!

eating: better. went off the rails a bit over the past month. getting back on track by switching to vanilla almond milk for my granola, preparing baggies of veggies for work snacks and continuing to avoid coke.

drinking: lemon water. cucumber water. mango iced tea.

wearing: vintage hair. skirts. blue nail polish.

working on: april project life. treadmilling 2-3x a week. looking at my phone less.

avoiding: the garden. (it’s too much work right now and i’m not enjoying it this year.) redecorating. (i’m still enjoying my red and turquoise family room theme so it has stayed.)

noticing: gibson is filling out and up. marshall is getting so tall and his face is looking less like a toddler and more like a big kid. my free time priorities are changing. i’m wanting to be home a lot more and

app-loving: lifepics. i can upload my iPhone pics directly to persnickety prints for developing! camera+. the best photo editing app i have. radio 94.7. i can listen to my favorite station or hop on and see the song title or artist if i’m in the car. (at a red light of course.) youtube. any cute videos i take from my phone can be directly uploaded to my youtube page. i’m retrohipmama if you want to subscribe.

reading: magazines on penelope. better homes and garden’s iPad app is uh.mazing!

missing: my craftiness. it’s not completely gone. i’m using it in a lot of places. i just wish i was making and creating like i was last summer.

hating: my arms. my chin. my rear. my tummy. remember up there ^^^ when i said i fell off the rails with eating. it’s seriously changed my shape and size…and although i can hide it…it’s not working well anymore. must change these to things i’m loving.

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