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week 23-24 wrap up

sunday | june 3:

sunday lunch was leftover enchiladas. this is my papi’s recipe and next time i make it, i promise I will do a post on it. pictures and all.

#lunchis papi's pancake enchiladas. A recipe I should really get on my blog. Super quick and yummy and an old family fave. Browned and seasoned ground turkey, ranch style beans, new Mexican chili powder, flour and water to thicken. Pour over corn torts an

painted my nails today. blue lagoon by revlon and


monday | june 4:

when my hubby fills up my tank, he’s also filling up my love bucket.


#photoadayJUNE is close-up. i think gibson will be like this for a majority of the summer.

June 4: close-up of what my 10yo will look like this summer until I kick him outside. #photoadayjune #phonto

tuesday | june 5:

the temps are perfect for a bike ride…of course i thought that on my way back from lunch and didn’t ride that bike when i got home.


came home to matt making ribeyes and these homemade potato chips. a little sea salt and ground pepper…OMG!


so instead of riding bikes, we walked to our polling place to cast our votes. it became an exciting night for us, politically. november awaits.


a vanilla ice cream come was the only way to end the evening.


thursday | june 7:

a game of sorry.


the boys took off to play basketball.


friday | june 8:

while gibson was in his acting class, we headed to SAMs for some stocking up. marshall made himself very comfortable in the cart.

june 8: six o'clock (marsh decides to make himself at home in the cart. not surprised, we're there every week.) #photoadayjune #phonto #camera+

don’t pretend like you don’t like having your picture taken, little one.


saturday | june 9:

getting reacquainted with my sewing machine. a little doggy is close to losing his tail and I have ambitions of making a laptop bag from a pattern.

it's too windy for outside stuff so I'm reuniting with my sewing machine. we have a special fluffy dog who needs a tail repair, two pairs of pants need hemmed and a hole fixed, and I'm attempting a laptop bag. wish me luck! #creativesaturdays

i’m using this fabric combo and when i browsed through another of my gram’s sewing boxes, i found a matching button and bias tape. i mean seriously, how perfect is that?!?! she had such good taste!


but the task was daunting and i wasn’t 100% about it so i sifted through old and new buttons to make some new rings for my shop.

june 9: my view today (digging thru new and vintage buttons for handmade jewelry. thinking my etsy shop needs some inventory. #creativesaturdays #camera+ #photoadayjune

if you can see him, this is albert. he’s sleeping with all of his paws near his face and it was just too cute. i tried to open the hatch so i could avoid the reflection but it woke him up. ooops, sorry bud!


sunday | june 10:

on sunday morning, i discovered that i heart radio was the most amazing app on my phone. i listened to oldies all day. while i cooked and did the dishes and into the evening as i did housework and laundry.

sister golden hair…so bright.


monday | june 11:

the morning light streaming into my bagel shop was too coll not to capture.


tuesday | june 12:

this is only 1 of 3 pages of pictures of marshall on my photo stream. sometime during his iPad time, he snapped over 50 pictures of himself. sometimes i just have to laugh at his little projects.


wednesday | june 13:

i swear there was no memo, but all three of us girls at work wore wedges. each with our own different style. love my tawnya and ashley!


now that i have finished season 1 of downton abbey, i can spend some time finishing up pan am. i was able to score the first 9 episodes for free from iTunes and today i learned that there are 5 extra episodes for sale that i didn’t even know existed. BOOYAA!


ART was today’s #photoadayJUNE and i couldn’t pass up this piece that hangs in my kitchen. i love mr. rockwell and all the life he brought out through his paintings. this one is just a print, but i cherish it as though it were the real deal.

june 13: art (soda fountain by norman rockwell) #photoadayjune #camera+ #phonto #photoaday

thursday | june 14:

super happy mail from my new washi tape has arrived! took almost 2 weeks but hey, who cares when it’s this awesome!

yummy new washi tape! with temps over 100 this weekend I will definitely be working on #projectlife .

we downloaded a new free app called doodle buddy for the iPad. marshall found the poop stamp and went to town on his canvas. i actually said to him “hey, can you please stop pooping on my iPad.” then i realized what i said and the boys started cracking up. oh by the way, the poop makes a fart sound each time you place the stamp. holy cow.

things I never thought I would never say: "can you please stop pooping on my iPad?!?!" #doodlebuddy #parentingcanbestinky

friday | june 15:

the weather looks mild at 10:30 am, but we’ve got a couple scorching days ahead of us.


today’s photoadayJUNE was yellow but i never did post it to instagram.


marshall finally got his churro from sams. woot.


we’ve been making smoothies everyday for the past week. so many flavor combos that the boys like. this one was frozen mangos, frozen strawberries, strawberry banana yogurt and a little OJ and AJ.


saw this little nugget posted on facebook. no clue where it came from but i thought it was super funny. imagining life as a housewife in 1949, wearing a dress to sew and clearing your mind of all other housework. seems like a lifetime away!


saturday | june 16:

my best girl came to visit with her three beautiful daughters. they are all amazing. and marshall kinda liked his position here while they watched old episodes of the smurfs.


meet jamie. (if you’re reading this james…you already know all this!) friends since we were 6 months old, with moms who kept us in touch through our childhood after she moved from our neighborhood. never went to one day of school together but still grew up together. so many fun trips together, to the snow, to the water and to the pool. maids/matrons of honor in each other’s weddings. raising little families 3 hours apart.  love our relationship and the close and honest friendship that we’ve kept intact for over 30 years. friends ’til the end.


it’s 8:00pm and it’s still this hot. certainly not sleeping with the windows open tonight. ick.


that’s my last two weeks! hope you had good ones too!



3 thoughts on “week 23-24 wrap up”

  1. Great pictures!! WOW is it HOT there, I couldn’t take that much heat, lol
    We have mild temps here so far, just right for being outside but not sweaty hot.
    Love and laughed at the picture overload of Marshall, that sounds like my Summer, they will be stars one day. How pretty that blue sky and clouds are, love these kind of days. My hubby fills up my tank for me also, such sweeties we have!!

    Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life, always fun to see.

  2. i will take your 96 degrees with 19% humidity any day! our humidity here makes it gross out! great pictures. i’m catching up on your blog now, was on a vaca and missed a week!

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